Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day off 2

By 11.15 on my second day off, I had trucks to the left of me, trucks to the right, trucks in front of me and one very close behind me. All making huge amounts of road spray from the wet road. What is this fool doing. It is my day off and I am supposed to be enjoying it.

Some new bits of the Monash Freeway have opened, but strangely the speed limit is even further reduced in these sections. Of course, as per usual, I was the only one who took any notice of the speed limits, no doubt infuriating my fellow motorists and truck drivers. There is still plenty of gouged road remaining. This road gouging to remove painted lines in absurd. It is hard to distinguish the road gouges from the painted lines. It may well be a very safe road when it is finished, but it is not at the moment.

The day did improve somewhat and turned out to be not not too bad. Mother suggested pies for lunch and for me to pick them up at local bakery. They were very nice and mine was the hottest pepper pie I have ever had. Mother had a list of jobs for me written on the back of an envelope. I don't know why she can't use a notepad, but she never has. Always scribbles on a used envelope or the back of a sheet of paper.

Clean three exhaust fans, tick. Put rego sticker on car, tick. Blow leaves away from back door, tick. Remove glass from broken photo frames caused by the air con surround falling down, tick. Take down and clean hallway mirrors, tick. Vacuum floors, tick. Put washed doona cover on doona, tick. In frustration take very long handled duster from Mother and clear cobwebs in all rooms. She just cannot see them all.

Take Mother to hairdresser for a do up. Fill in time doing her shopping at supermarket. A small friendly local one called Ritchies. Great place. I had staff running around looking for Phenyle Bin Cleaner and trying to read Mother's handwriting. No one could decipher Nil Odour.

Great gift shop called Crazy Frog. Find gift for sixtieth birthday of one of the Mountain Women in The Patch at weekend.

Bad coffee last time in downtown Pakenham. Will try another place. More bad coffee.

Meet mother at hairdresser. We both go to pay cat registration for a long dead cat at post office (don't ask). Pay newspaper bill. Go to bank. Take Mother home and make sure she is not locked out.

Traffic not bad on way home until Domain Tunnel. The left lane in the tunnel closed. So that is why I have a whole empty lane to drive along. A generous soul let me push in to clear the empty lane. I was actually interested in what I was listening to on the car wireless when City Link broke in with a stupid announcement. Then after that an inaudible and disembodied announcement came over loud speakers within the tunnel. When can I switch to the empty lane to exit at Kingsway? I don't know. I just did when I thought it was right. Traffic extremely slow in Kingsway. Home. Where did my two days off go?

Ah, you are not getting out of it this easily, there is more.

Mother's vacuum cleaner. She had a very old upright and it wasn't picking up well. Sister said she would buy Mother a new one. Mother wanted a Hoover, but none available where Sister went so she bought a different brand. Mother not happy. It is too heavy and does not pick up well either. Mother's friend bought her another and both Mother and I am impressed. It is a small upright and light and works off a recharagble battery. It really worked well.

I asked Mother how she would explain the new vacuum cleaner to Sister who had generously bought her a new one a month ago, and Mother said she couldn't as Sister would yell at her. Sister would not really, but Sister might feel a bit hurt. Mother said she would put it out of sight for a while.

Oh yes, our old fridge that was brought down from ABI Brother's place did not work. The freezer worked but not the cool area. Another of Mother's friends bought for her an as new second hand one.

Saved for publishing Sunday.


  1. Hate to say it but that list of jobs is starting to look like she's unable to manage on her own with activities of daily living.
    One of you offspring may have to consider having Mother to come live with you in the not-too-distant-future.

  2. "Always scribbles on a used envelope or the back of a sheet of paper."

    How can you tell it's the back and not the front?

  3. Had to back read Jayne. She would never have done any of those things in her life really, except for vacuuming.
    Although, she has learnt how to use the leaf blower. Mum, just push the switch to left and it comes on. No, you have used it twice now but you have not realised that it does not suck up the leaves? No matter Mum, easier than sweeping hey.

  4. Brain, not hard. Surprised you could not guess. The front will have print on it. Used envelope, used paper, but the back of the sheet of paper is blank.

  5. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Speaking of fridges, I remember I was at some random house party and someone asked where the fridge was. I was drunk (naturally), and found the whole thing hilarious. Where but the kitchen would you put a fridge?

  6. Just got home from work. Reading your entry here added to my already tired mind, lol. Andrew, I know where your days off went, they flew past you because you were so damned busy! Unreal.
    One of the girls I work with in emergency was saying the same thing to me today. She had 4 days off work after having been on 7 nights straight. She just doesn't know where the days off went either..she said they were non-productive days off. That is sad, but it is reality too I guess.
    Also, to anyone who wants to hear it, the recent Earth tremor we experienced HAS indeed altered the minds of people, hence their appearance in droves through the triage doors today! Gah.

  7. Andrew,

    Good point. You can tell my brain's not working on full thrusters today, can't you?

  8. 'Tis kinda logical Reuben. I can see how it could be amusing.

    Oh dear Cazzie. It gave their minds a good rattling. I read elsewhere about all the idiots calling 000. Why?

    Don't worry Brian. The weather will improve soon and extra cells will thaw.