Saturday, March 07, 2009

Day off 1

I wrote the train times down on a bit of paper and after I did what I had to do in town, headed to the railway station. Normally writing something down is enough to make me remember, but in this case no. I missed the train. I thought I would be at Parliament Station at the time to catch the train but instead was at Flinders Street. The Parliament Station time had stuck in my head. I blame Connex. I grabbed a seat near the door so it would be easy for me to get out. Express South Yarra to Malvern. Nice. Regardless the train was jam packed. I am not sure how I managed to get out. Someone gave me a good shove out the door I think. Merci.

For one time only, R forgot to charge his phone and we were out of contact. Just the very day when I needed his phone to work. I sms Sister instead to relay the message that I was delayed to pass on when he arrived.

R was waiting in Murrumbeena Road with Little Jo. She called out to me and waved enthusiastically as I approached on foot. Not sure why she likes the grumpy uncle so much. Perhaps I am not as bad as I think.

While Sister updated her hand written diary, we carted Little Jo off to some play recreational place where you have to pay. Lollipops or something like that. It would have been too wet at the park.

Not so bad really. Little Jo had fun. I just kept thinking of Wobbies World, aka Pissweak World, in the making. Staff were suitably placed to pick up after the falls if carers were neglectful. Really, not a bad place in East Boundary Road. Some quite hot daddies there too. Around $13 for the three of us and that included two drinks.

Wonderful watching kiddies play.

Back to Sister's and bash off with Sister and Little Jo for dinner at pub in Caulfield called Zagames or something like that. I should know its history and original name, but I have forgotten. Meal was ok but no roast on the menu in a pub? My schnitzel was a bit dry. Salad and chips were excellent. Sister has her favourite wine lable. $25. Splutter splutter. I am a cheap drunk.

Hotel has play area for kiddies. The first shove Little Jo received from a fellow kiddie, R barely noticed. The second he did and got into a blue with the pushing child's mother.

Wrapped and home by 8.00 pm. Really looking forward to carting Mother out tomorrow, not.

Saved for auto publishing on Saturday.


  1. I am exhausted just reading all of that Andrew :)
    Mia has a birthday this month and she is asking me if she can have a party at all these different venues. I am sort of over play centres, yet if Mia says it is where she really wants to have it then it is ok by me. She is still young and I know it will not e forever.
    I love that R got protective of Little Jo, I had many a conversation such as that with other parents who do not watch their children at play centres.
    So cute Little Jo loves you :)

  2. That Zagames that used to be the nightclub dive Derby's? The one with the sticky floor, floor to ceiling fish tanks,dodgy music and guys that offered "wanna root?" to anything with a pulse?
    Nope, don't know it :P
    Rude kids with parents who don't act get the loudly phrased "yes darling, I know that boy/girl shoved you, but don't shove back there's no need to be as rude as that person".

  3. It used to be the 'Matthew Flinders' and top class when it was first built.

    I vaguely remember drinking Pernod on the Rocks at the swish bar.

  4. Anonymous12:43 pm

    The trains are always packed; it's disgraceful.

  5. "My schnitzel was a bit dry."

    Your doctor should be able to give you some cream for that.

  6. I thought the Matthew Flinders was in Warrigal Rd near Holmesglen?
    With the cute guy that served behind the bar and...oh, wait...he'd be a grandfather by now.

  7. Ah well Cazzie, you will have to host it at home then. Good luck!

    Of course Jayne, Derbys, in Derby Road. Sheesh that was hard.

    That was the original Jahteh. The family of Zagames pop up in many places. Mathew Flinders, Burvale or South Side Six? Which was worse?

    Removing seats before your eyes to pack more on Reuben.

    Nowt worse than an untreated dry schnitzel Brian. Goanna oil should do the trick.

    While you have remained ageless Jayne.