Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Boris

It clear to all and sundry that I will quite happily criticise our public transport system, but is the paragon of virtue, known as The Tube, in London so good? Maybe the Subway in New York City is better. We mostly travelled off peak in London when we were there, so it was ok, although pauses between stations seemed long???

We travelled twice on the Tube in peak travel times and we had to wait no more than five minutes both times! When the Tube train arrived, it was busy, with people standing but not crowded.

Oh that this is how Melbourne's public transport worked.

It would seem that Boris Johnson, the Lord Mayor of London, can control public transport. He has outlawed bendy buses, that is articulated buses in the City of London. Probably not a bad call, but from my observations, amazingly, they worked ok and coped with the small road widths.

Your Boris has allowed motor bikes into public transport lanes, previously the preserve of buses, taxis and bicycles.

Your Boris is a kind of typical Tory eccentric and rides a bicycle. Given the complaints about motor cycles in bike/public transport lanes, I am not sure why he allowed this.

But your Boris is not anything but marvellous at sorting out London's traffic problems. He will speed up London traffic by reducing pedestrian walk time. Ahh, did I notice much favour towards pedestrians to cross roads in London ??? Nope. Never mind.

Boris will reduce the walk time for pedestrians, and thereby reduce the the delay to motorists. Pedestrians will just have to walk faster to cross the road and this will be good for their health. Maybe there will be crossing supervisors armed with cattle prods to encourage pedestrians to move smartly.

I reckon we might just have a job for Boris here in Melbourne.


  1. While attempting to turn left into Grattan Street the other day I had to stop because the green little man shone and the 90-not-out year old man with his frame was trying to get started to cross the pedestrian strip. Click-click-click went the pedestrian GO sound. The little old man was still trying to lift his right leg into action. Half way across the first part of the pedestrian crossing, the red flashing pedestrian sign activated. I really thought the poor man was going to topple with every step. I am sure my heart rate heightened right then and there.
    What was bad was that no one offered to help him, that the pedestrian lights did not give him enough time to cross in a safe manner (well, the fast it was right out front of a hospital is also bad!) and, the fact that the idiots behind me tooted ME to GO when clearly this dear old man needed time to cross, aswell as he had the green light to cross.
    Hurrying some people won''t work. I think it would be the same World wide.

  2. If'n we're going to have Tories then Boris is at least amusing ... in his own mad pommy Tory sort of way.

    (Mind you I had an even softer spot for that top shelf pommy eccentric, Screaming Lord Sutch.)

  3. Toot toot behind Cazzie. Run the old geezer over.

    My sentiments too LS. The Monster Raving Looney Party? Or was that Canada who had someone similar?

  4. "Boris Johnson, the Lord Mayor of London, can control public transport."

    Unfortunately he can't control his hair. The man is a mad old English sheepdog...the comical face of right wing despotism.

  5. right wing despotism. We know that but his foppish hair works for public consumption.

  6. Anonymous11:55 am

    Experience tells me that you'd be wanting me to make some sort of public transport remark, eh Andrew?

    Well tough...all I can do is point back to my earlier posts about Boris and why him and Doyle should both win 'Idiot Mayor' awards.

  7. It was not a serious post about PT Reuben, so I did not expect you to comment. I get a laugh from Boris. I don't think I ever have from Doyle.