Saturday, March 28, 2009


I will concede that we may have needed some new laws to deal with terrorism. I would have thought there would be laws to address plotting against the state already in place though. Perhaps they just needed a tidy up.........a bit of a trim and shape. Speaking of, I must get some new blades for the razor used for the personal bits.

This killing of a bikie at Sydney Airport interests me muchly. I would call it a total failure on the part of NSW and Federal Police. A failure of Sydney Airport security systems. A failure of governments to protect people in a public area which should have the best security in the country.

Perhaps the authorities were just unlucky that the victim was not stabbed to death with a two inch nail file attached to nail clippers. They would have caught the alleged offenders well before the event.

I don't like motor bikes. They are dangerous machines. I am not keen on bikies either. They always look like they smell. I am sure there are perfectly nice and clean bikies, but as I don't know any, I am strongly influenced by the media.

I recall the days when the cops would pull over noisy cars, usually those with rusted out pong boxes (mufflers) and put them off the road. Often it might just have been a young bloke with a hotted up car with a loud exhaust. There wasn't any checking of decibel levels. If it sounded too loud, it was too loud and a canary (yellow slip of paper attached to windscreen putting the car off the road) would be slapped on the windscreen.

Car noise does not really penetrate the highrise. Loud cars but more so loud motorbikes certainly do. Why are they allowed to drive around on bikes with deafening exhaust systems?

Because the police won't expend resources policing them. The result is a lack of respect for some very basic motor vehicle laws. Attitudes are set. A general lack of respect for the laws that somehow glue us together as a society follows.

We don't need anti bikie laws. Unchalleneged, bikies constantly break laws every day and they are allowed to do it, almost with approval at times it seems.

I would suggest police use the laws they have already and if they are found to be lacking, only then perhaps some new laws should be considered.


  1. Personally I've always found bikers to be the most pleasant, open minded and entertaining of all the 'groups' of people one meets in day to day life. That might just be British bikers, however. Once you get beyond the tattoos and the beards and the need they have to stand around their bikes kicking the front wheels with an authoritative air, then I'd rather talk to them any day than some of the ignorant, skanky knobs obsessed with social status or how many 'birds they've shagged'. (And unfortunately there are an awful lot of the latter about.)

  2. May well be Brian, but I find it so much easier to deal in stereotypes.

  3. Lack of respect drives me nuts. Demonstrated by some of the teenagers I seen tonight at a festival. BUT, out on the field we were at were some awesome young people who work for the local fire brigade and we were celebrating their courage for what they stood up to just on 8 weeks ago.
    These times are set to try all of us i think. Sad but true

  4. I used to know quite a few bikers (different gangs) and they are really normal people, just as Brian mentioned, more observant of life than some self-obsessed dipsticks I've known and nursed lol.

  5. This is an interesting article on the development of the bikie war in Sydney. It is interesting that it seems to mirror the well known social problems plaguing the city.

  6. Cazzie, there will always be those who disappoint but I have a lot of faith in young people. I see it in my nieces and nephew. I see it in kiddies in my work place. And so many of them are so clever, far more clever than I ever was. Would I guess that in your workplace you come across young men full of attitude and bravado, but underneath you see a frail little boy...or girl for that matter?

    Yeah, I know Jayne. It did not suit my purpose for the post to say so. I hope I did not offend Bliss.

    I hadn't seen the article Ben, so thanks. But it was something I was aware of. I don't think we have seen the end of it all yet.

  7. Highwaymen.10:39 am

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  8. Personally insulting Highwayman. Perhaps you could rephrase your comment.

  9. Highwaymen10:59 am

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  10. Highwayman, you can be quite clever with words. Not sure why you bother with basic name calling.

  11. Highwaymen11:43 am

    Personal amusement old boy.


  12. I got off lightly in my encounter with the Boys from Hell.

    Only lost a pair of glasses.

    The Boys obviously like re-enacting movie cliches.

    Boy One holds the person who has offended them. Boy Two removes said person's spectacles, throws them on the ground and stomps on them. Both Boys leave with the parting words, "Let that be a lesson to you."

    (And no, I didn't send them the bill for the industrial strength laundering of my Jockettes.)

  13. Lordy LS. Did your smart tongue get you into strife?

  14. Regarding the bashing murder at Sydney it is interesting that despite the supposed level of surveillance there it appears that the Police have been unable so far to come up with any footage of the fight itself. The only footage they have produced is of a suspect disembarking a flight.

    Is the sureveillance that lacking or has there been sabotage of the film?

  15. Victor, I think we can agree that the incident has exposed some pretty poor security. Hard to believe that there is no digital footage of the attack.

  16. I know where all the bloody security is at Sydney Airport...its all round me...EVERY time I pass through I am stopped and searched... I have two gold bangles my husband gave me not too long before he died...I squeezed and deformed all my hand bones to get them on so as not to dissapoint him...and I will have them for life now. one of them seems to set the machines off, and even though they can see ther bangles and test by waving their wands over them they go through the arms and legs out security are in generla more pleasant but Sydney security are bastards, and never crack a smile no matter what. Some of the women look like they suck lemons.

    But at $18 an hour!!! What is needed at Sydney airport are more federal police patrolling. I seldom see any at all and two I did see were looking at sunglasses in a shop...

    No more laws...the laws are there. There is corrpution within the police and talks and the Bikie groups are well connected to The family and we know who they are. Ordinary police are afraid to take on the bikies because they don't get support from above, and because the bikies always out number them...

  17. "Lordy LS. Did your smart tongue get you into strife?"

    Nope 'twas my too clever by half hands.

    In another life many moons ago I designed and manufactured satirical garden gnomes, one of which was a H.A. gnome replete with gang colours.

    Apparently this was sacrilege of the highest order. Not only did they monster me within an inch of my life, but they also went around to all the nurseries I supplied and made their displeasure known in a decidedly physical manner.

  18. MS, I am not smug enough to say corruption doesn't happen in Victorian authorities, but gee it has fine old history in NSW. While I a traditional Labor type, I could never vote for NSW Labor.

    Doesn't look to be a bad bit of art LS. Touchy and emotional types are these bikie gangs.


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