Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bad Red

Mr Red Symons of ABC Melbourne Breakfast let go to air today an unrebutted statement by Mary of Albert Park. Mary from Albert Park was a bit too full on for me at such an early hour. Ok, he did correct it later, but I may not have been listening, nor may many others and the original statement would stand in many peoples heads.

I have been known to spout ignorant statements, but I hope I would keep my mouth shut if it was about who to call in an emergency and I had an iota of doubt. It is kind of important.

Mary of AP said that people need to know and remember that they cannot call our emergency number 000 for our emergency service from their mobiles and must use 112.

Wrong. This was originally so I believe. I recall taking a train to Laburnham Station and a nearby mobile phone shop to get a phone upgraded firmware so that it could dial 000. The encouragement was a new short stubby ariel instead of the longer whippy one the phone came with. It was a long time ago.

Yes, 112 works for Australian mobile phones. The call goes overseas and comes back here. But like the US has 911 and the UK 999, our emergency number is 000. I understand that the number will work even if you are out of phone credit, or do not have a SIM card in your phone and will use all available networks to get your call through.

Emergency calls are quite important and it was wrong of Red Symons to not immediately query and raise doubt over a statement from an ill educated caller.

In Australia, call 000 from any type of phone if there is a genuine emergency. When all is lost and you are hopelessly out of range, perhaps even a text to 000 might work.

Note, where I am unsure of something, I use fudge words.


  1. when i lived in the UK i had NO idea what the emergency number was until I had to ring it one day! Woops!

  2. Fenz this might have been of assistance!

  3. Someone called in later and said the 112 was only for when the phone is out of range...who knows?!
    But 000 is the safest bet all round!

  4. See this Wikipedia article. 112 is diverted to 000. Some mobile phones will direct 911 and 999 to 000 as well.

    It used to be that 112 was the only number that would work from a mobile that had no SIM card, or the keypad was locked, or didn't have contact with its home network. But most recent phones treat 000 the same way.

    Try it on your own mobile phone with the keypad locked by pressing 0 0 0 or 1 1 2. Obviously don't press the Dial button. 911 also works on mine, but 999 doesn't.

  5. Fenz, I read too many English novels when I was a kid.

    That is very funny TVAU. It wasn't my favourite show, but some of it was funny.

    I think he ought to get an expert on his show Jayne so that we can get qualified information.

    Daniel, I am pretty sure that my first phone originally would not ring 000 at all. I have, to my embarrassment discovered that yes, you do not need to unlock your keypad to call 000, and more than once. What are the odds of 000 getting accidentally pressed when you are carrying your phone?

  6. I heard that call too. I was not so sure about what she was saying was current. Same as you.
    Anyway, I have jad to use 000 many a time on the way home from work after a PM shift. I even have had to call it BEFORE an a.m. shift too, when a drunk was wandering all over the road in front of the Telstra Dome!
    As you said in a post previous, people call 000 for no good reason at times, which enfuriates me!
    Once, an ambulance was dispatched in Tasmania to an address similar to that of a suburb in Melbourne..only, the 000 caller WAS in Melbourne... a botch up for the patient waiting, and for the emergency crew in Tasi. I think there was some talk that the 000 was being diverted to overseas..or perhaps the person actually dialed 112? hmmm, I'll try to find the story somewhere. It did set tongues wagging.

  7. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Yep I heard that call as well and thought where was she from? I of course came in at the end of the call when she was spieling her lesson about dialling.

    I have to say I have accidently knocked a couple of 0's in my bag but not dialled the number of course, before I acquired a flip phone as 000 does dial without unlocking.

  8. Anonymous5:45 pm

    From what I understand, from any GSM mobile in the world, when you dial 112, the service provider will direct that call to the local emergency number.

    If I recall correctly, it's because GSM was designed in France, where 112 was the emergency number, and when it was adopted in the wider world, the strategy was updated.

    All of the phones I've bought in the past few years allow both 112 and 000 without a SIM or even without having to unlock the keyboard, which is why I've twice found my phone had dialled 000 while it was in my pocket.

  9. Dear "Cazzie, Saviour Of Wandering Drunks" you sweet thing.

    Daylesford has crap mobile cover and when we saw flames in the forest one hot night, the mobile had no signal but 112 worked

  10. All quite interesting Cazzie and it clear nobody knows exactly how things work.

    So I am not the only one Michelle who has knocked up 000. I like the idea of a protected keypad. One reason why I want a slide phone.

    I knew it was a Euro number Anon, but I thought originally from Sweden. I defer to your more detailed knowledge.

    Sweet Cazzie indeed FGMS. It is in her job contract to be kind. 000 may well have worked too.

  11. FGM, thankyou soo much for the heads up. I will tell my cousin this instant..as she lives in Drummond in thick scrub. Watching the CFA site all day long I was!

  12. Note, where I am unsure of something, I use fudge words.

    I start to mumble.