Thursday, March 26, 2009

Australian Grand Prix

Australian Grand Prix Melbourne Grand Prix Grand Prix Albert Park Lake Formula One

Well, they snuck that one in didn't they. The Grand Pricks started racing Wednesday, a day earlier than usual. I don't recall that being mentioned anywhere.

Before you say, well it was around before you moved here, yes, I am well aware of that. Does not stop me disliking it more each year. And, silly me, I thought that since the ALP was against staging the GP at Albert Park Lake, they would stop it when they came to power. Oh the naivety.

It will cost something around $50 million plus to we Victorian taxpayers and who would believe the figures of returns to the city via money spent. I hear you can easily get accommodation in Melbourne via the last minute holiday booking sites for this forthcoming weekend when the main events are run.

The event creates traffic chaos for weeks before when the setting up starts. There are four days of public transport disruption, although each year the PT resources are reduced as the demand for services reduces.

The swans on the lake seem to be reasonably untroubled by the event, but I would think other wildlife is strongly affected. I don't really know because it is impossible for me to visit the park, short of taking a pair of wire or bolt cutters.

For years local residents have lobbied our local council to improve access from the eastern side of Queens Road to Albert Park, by way of an overhead footbridge. Hasn't happened yet, but the GP organizers can have a temporary one erected overnight.

Reliable attendance figures are not available. Unlike any other major event, electronically coded tickets are not used. The Save Albert Park group do head counts at gates and their figures are always much lower than the official ones released, and that does not take into account thousands of free tickets given out. Second hand, I understand thousands of tickets have been offered to CFA volunteer fire fighters.

The Who, a group who should have stayed dissolved, are performing there on Sunday. They are desperate to get people to the GP. Fifteen minutes searching and I cannot find anywhere what time they are performing. They are not listed in the GP program. I am guessing after the main race on Sunday, which means fuss and bother until 10.00 pm and it is no longer all wrapped up at 5.00 pm.

The only reason high speed car racing could possibly of any interest to watch up close, is if there are crashes. I don't recall any spectacular ones in recent years at the event. Poor safety measures ensured one bloke on the sidelines was killed by a flying wheel though. Of course he did not die at the GP, because they would not declare him dead there, although it was obvious to all.

Funny, Parks Victoria is supposed to look after our parks. Bit of a joke in the case of Albert Park.

Even funnier, Sunday night is Earth Hour, when we are supposed to demonstrate our concern for our energy consumption and the health of the planet by turning off lights.

Bugger orf Bernie Ecclestone and take your tax payer ripping off event with you.

Its time has come to abruptly die.


  1. Another bloody sports WOFTAM (Waste Of F**king Time And Money.
    Give it back to the Crow Eaters.

  2. I have an issue with the whole of fucking Melbourne coming to a standstill, fucked up public transport and traffic disruptions just so a bunch of small-cocked wankers can watch some cars race around a track for four days.

  3. Ecclestone, another tosser with serious small man syndrome.

    (Chief flag bearer of Andy B's small-cocked wanker brigade.)

    Maybe the 'WHO' aren't the big act we need. We need Bob Geldorf who could stage a Cock Aid concert for the testosterone-charged but gearstick-challenged mob.

  4. I can guess how noisy its going to be...and right in the middle of the coty practically...I was speaking to my daughter on her phone this morning about 10am and one car...ONE CAR only, went around the the time it came closer to her place we had to stop talking because we couldn't her each other... She us up on the 9th floor and the whole time its on you cant hear the radio or TV or have a conversation without shouting or turning up the volume...funny thing that about earth Hour - so much whizz bang feel good stuff after such a lot of petrol and fumes being a wasted.

    Are the members of the WHO really still alive still???

  5. I'd bugger orf to the country side for a weekend if I lived anywhere near there Andrew. Dayelsford sounds good

  6. "I hear you can easily get accommodation in Melbourne via the last minute holiday booking sites for this forthcoming weekend when the main events are run."

    Think I'll take a rain check on that one...

  7. Hear hear! evahbodeee.
    The entire Formula One CIRCUS is disgusting in EVERY way, from Ddaannii Minogues current hump, gridgirls, the F118 jets screaming overhead terrorising all animals, the helicopters from dawn till dusk driving residents mad, the tramzone nightmare for workers on St.Kilda Rd, oh all of it, and it's not even racing as the cars are just computers with wheels.


    I hope the CFA guys have a good time looking at Melbourne's 'cafe society' in the good seats.

  8. Succinctly put as usual Jayne.

    Tis a very narrow market now Andy, especially since its appeal to the general public has gone.

    Nice work LS.

    MC, no idea who the target audience would be for The Who.

    Working Cazzie and Sunday to the country for a picnic.

    Come Brian. England has been exporting its trash here for a long time.

    May the best pc chip win Ann.

  9. Anonymous2:11 am

    The Grand Prix is okay, but Richmond, what a disaster, they played like they hadn't slept for a few days. Well they haven't had a good coach since Tea-bag Tom Hafey, and he's too old to come back now.

  10. "Come Brian. England has been exporting its trash here for a long time."

    It's our retaliation for you sending us Rolf Harris.

  11. Poor Ben!

    You can never get rid of him Brian, coz your Liz likes him.

  12. Anonymous11:51 am

    They've started Ben too early. His skill is still there, but he's picked on by the opposition, they're out to flatten him and one or two did. It was a circus anyway, the whole thing. You can blame the rotten media. Pimps.

  13. Interesting, you mention that Sunday night is Earth Hour (in Melbourne). I'm pretty sure Earth Hour is Saturday night in Sydney. Is it varied in Melbourne to accommodate the Grand Prix?

  14. Yep, I am working Saturday too, and up the country to visit my country cousins..I cannot wait!

  15. Going off him now Captain. He is getting old and I don't like bulging veins.

    I was wrong Victor. It is Saturday night here too.

    Good fun Cazzie. Fresh air.

  16. Back to the GP

    When I started working in an industry close to the event, it was all hands on deck. Leave was verboten and anyone and everyone was there. However, last year I enjoyed a 4 day weekend over the duration and this year? Nice little weekend off. Why? I'm guessing crowd numbers are seriously down. The omission of electronic tickets suggests that it's far more advantageous to invent numbers than to actually apply some science.

  17. Makes it pretty clear what is happening Rob.

  18. I live in Port Melbourne and agree with everything that you say here except for....The Who staying dissolved? Please tell me that's because you think they're over the hill, as opposed to believing they AREN't one of the greatest rock bands in pop music history? I wasn't even born when they were at their peak and I still think they rock ;p

  19. It was laziness on my part Evol. I couldn't be bothered checking who they are and I am sure I would know some of their music, but I am too lazy to check that too. Was Roger Daltry in The Who? I recall he might have been quite hot looking. I don't want to see him now. 'A group who should have been dissolved' was just so easy to say.