Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Arrivals and Departures

Well, not much in the way of new.

Fenz at We Drift Deeper, Into the Sound is relatively new. I enjoy reading her on both her blog and at twitter.

Keshi has departed the blog world for a bit.

One blogger reinvented himself as Mutton Chopped Mutant .

Fitzroyalty is an exciting and fresh addition to the roll call.

Raelene is back with a new blog.

The Resident Judge of Port Phillip has a gig under The old, the new, the marvellous.

And a special mention to this lass resides across the big waters. She knows more about Australia than we who live here do collectively. No posts of late, because she is visiting Australia. Get ready for long reads about her holidays here. The Girl who wished she was Australian.

Otherwise, my list of photo blogs grows. I read many more than I have linked. Quick and easy, interesting to see other places and no back chat involved.


  1. aaw thanks. Good timing, I just put a thorougly joyous post up on my blog!! Ha ha!!!

  2. I just loved Keshi...I miss her already!

  3. I knew I would leave someone out of the post. I like what I read at Feminoz

    Joyous Fenz? Not!

    Yeah Cazzie, I like the way she wore her emotions on her sleeve.

  4. Have enjoyed these new additions to your side dish servings, they've been selected with your usual excellent taste ;)