Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Power Corp CitiPower Origin Energy

When did the power go off here? I can't remember, but I sent an email to PowerCorp / CitiPower and a reply came back with a direct telephone number to call to discuss the matter, the matter being when I rang our power supplier Origin, the call went to PowerCorp / CitiPower and the phone menu would not accept me as a customer after entering my post code, 3004. This left me nowhere to go with the phone menu.

3004 is the post code for St Kilda Road and the parallel Queens Road and Queens Lane and the short streets intersecting them.

After checking my address and some further verification, I was told that it was probable that the system did not accept 3004. There was no indication to me that this would be fixed, rather the suggestion that I use the post code 3000, which is pretty well the Melbourne Central Business District. A curious question was, did you try 3000? Why would I try a post code that wasn't mine?

Bah, I have an exclusive post code and I can't use it. How will PowerCorp know I am a VIP and deserve to have my electric supply uninterupted, and not your basic city dweller, if I can't use my 3004 post code?


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    You have your own exclusive postcode? You bourgeois berk!

  2. I think the correct term of abuse is inner city late sipping card-o-nay socialist.

  3. They will know right after you give 'em a zap with a cattle prod powered by their competitor :P

  4. I live not too far from you and have a similarly exclusive post code: 3006. This post code is not recognised either by various systems -- most recently when i tried to have something delivered from Ikea.
    I'm curious to know whether your powder bill includes the correct post code on the address? Or do they send your bills to 3000?

  5. d'uh!
    For "powder bill" read "power bill"

  6. I have heard of nightmarish stuff happening when people attempt to change power companies Jayne. Not sure if I would be up for it.

    Altissma, my powder bill is minuscule. It says 3004 on the bill. I just tried to enter 3006 but now the things have settled down, the menu has changed.

  7. I suppose it is too much to expect the company would adjust their programs to make your post code an acceptable one?

  8. It would seems of Victor. Not a battle I am about to fight.