Monday, February 23, 2009

The weekend that was

Skip this one if you like. It is just a recount of my weekend. Nothing exciting, but it was quite a nice weekend.

7.00 Regain consciousness.

10.00 Depart for Brunswick Street coz R needs a haircut. Plan to do some shopping at QV and other places on the way home.

10.30 Have breakfast at Madame Sousas in Brunswick Street. I look for cheap on the menu. A nice $9 filled croissant sound ok. At the last minute I chicken out and go for the same as R, baked eggs. I missed that they were baked in a tomato based sauce, but the weren't too bad, $17 plus coffee equals $20 plus. Normally spend half that on a Saturday breakfast. In shock.

10.50 So many bargains at Thomas Gannet. Buy a red and green glass sculpture, a mat for coffee table and a fake plant for my bathroom.

11.00 Back to city by tram and go to Dick Smith to buy a gift for his work to give him for his significant forthcoming birthday. Snooty gay guy kind of helped us. Limit was $50. Found mp3 for $49, but it scanned at $28. Realise mistake while waiting for tram home.

11.30 Realise we are too loaded to buy and carry shopping home and that SOMEONE forgot the shopping list anyway.

12.30 Off in car to South Melbourne Safeway. Qucikly buy the week's shopping and hey look, grog shop nearby. Buy Saturday night whisky. Whisky is good but the after affects the next day are not. I got the measure right (Graeme Greene reference) and felt fresh the next morning.

13.30 R naps and I do stuffs on computer.

15.00 Set off to Brighton in the motor. Will we come back as gays if we go to Brighton? (The Royales reference) Traffic very heavy and slow. Should have taken the train (Wilderness Society reference by bloke in koala suit). Find free park place in side street. See Milk at Brighton Bay. Milk is a great film, a great history, if you are interested in US politics and/or gay rights. Doco on him on SBS this week, a repeat I think.

18.00 Head home via fish and chip shop in South Melbourne.

22.00 Whisky was bad idea. It was fun but I am so tired. I must sleep.

Sunday 7.00 Regain consciousness. Actually don't feel too bad. Good night's sleep. Use computer.

9.00 Washing and drying and hanging to dry under way. Added Spybot and Adaware to new computer, cleared temp files, defragged and sorted stuff out. Iron shirts. R arises.

10.30 Head to town to return mp3 player to DSE. Will sort out later. R gets narky when served out of turn. Vitsit Harvey Norman and Big W and no joy on mp3 player. Checked out hand held vacuum machines. Ours is defective. Buy bulk dishwasher powder at Big W.

12.30 Lunch is packed. We are ready to bash off to Lysterfield Lake to meet up with Mother and various rels when Mother cancels. Too hot. Sister frantically rearranges day to her place being the venue. Worked quite well. Mother was very apologetic for spoiling everyones's day.

13.30 Little Jo wakes up from sleep and is not not being very nice. The Bone Doctor takes her off to bed to relax and refocus. Little Jo reappears later, somewhat refreshed.

Cast is now me and R, Sister and Little Jo and the Bone Doctor, Mother, ABI brother, Tradie Bros and his g/f, Sis in Law and her daughter and her daughters b/f, Sis in Law's friend and her two teen daughters.

14.30 Panic for Sis in Law as person looking after her mother has her mother's hoist stuck with the battery flat and Sis in Law's mother is stuck swinging mid air. Call to other niece at work to go home and sort out. Person looking after Sis in Law's mother calls back to say she got the hoist going. Panic over and working niece is called to cancel need to go home.

15.00 Although in a grump like I have never seen her before, nude Little Jo amuses all by dropping some solid matter while standing and playing with a toy. No one is game to get camera out to record the event for republishing at her 21st birthday. She must learn soon to say 'poo' before the event and not after.

With all her toys she had to amuse her, Little Jo spent most of the afternoon trying to wear adult thongs.

16.00 Sis in Law group leave. Sister tells all to go home as they want to go to the beach. I say to Sister, go, I will tidy up and lock up and see everyone off. R goes with Sister, the Bone Doctor and Little Jo to beach.

16.20 See ABI Brother and Mother off. Tradie Brother makes a sculpture with Sister's garden furniture. See Tradie Brother and his g/f off. Noted Sis in Law and Tradie Brother's g/f did not speak. Not surprising. Last lot of dishes carried to kitchen with sunglasses on. Error. Crash through child proof gate to kitchen and sprawl onto kitchen floor. Only damage, cut and bruised finger.

17.00 Drive to Half Moon Bay where R, Sis in Law, Bone Doctor and Little Jo are frollicking in the sea and on the beach. My first visit to Half Moon Bay. Very nice. Note sunken HMAS Cerebus wreck. Roll up jeans and have paddle. Very refreshing. Little Jo amuses beach neighbours and embarrasses R by standing and calling out 'wee' and expels some bodily fluid. Discuss merits of letting toddlers run around naked.

19.00 Set off for home. Discuss merits of niece's newish and quite hot b/f. I thought he was early twenties. Turns out he is sixteen. Oh dear. Now I understand why he sat like a stunned mullet all afternoon with all this same sex attracted stuff and pooing babies happening around him. Not sure that offer to niece if she and him would like to stay overnight in our spare room if they were attending a concert or similar in town was appropriate. I did preface it with, if it is ok with your mother. Perhaps they can remain clothed and top and tail in the bed. I am sure that as they are both only sixteen, there will be no nonsense. Dismiss my own memories of myself at sixteen. They won't last anyway. He likes ACDC and Metallica, while she likes John Butler, whoever he is, and Bob Marley.


  1. LOL
    If you want to score TOP points with your famdamily look up Watkins Bay in the Melways; fantastic beach.
    Couldn't have designed a more family-orientated beach/bay if a mother had worked with Mother Nature herself.
    From memory it's the next beach over from Rickett's Point, parking in local side streets.
    What happened to the Weetbix kids? :P

  2. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Oh Andrew. What a weekend! The yummy looking eggs, then Little Jo's digestive antics and a potential squabble between sis-in-law and tradie brother's girlfriend - do they not get on?

    Sounds like you need a new weekend to get over the last one.

  3. Found a couple of pics online Jayne. Very shallow and level. Half Moon Bay is not bad because it has a sandbar a very short distance out. Before then deep enough for splashing but then the sandbar as a 'fence'.

    MD, they tolerate each other because it would be divisive within the family if they did not. My plans of getting through a book over the weekend went out the window. I had today off to recover and indulge in selfish things.

  4. Anonymous8:43 pm

    You're weekends are almost as weird as mine.

  5. Sandbar at Watkins Bay, with deep enough bit for splashing, too.

  6. Weird Reuben? Busy certainly.

    Okies Jayne. Will suggest to Sister.


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