Thursday, February 12, 2009

Very cool

While I want to bore you senseless with tragic tales from the fire fronts, I reckon you have probably had enough. Can't promise for the future, but here is a go at distraction.

The grey pole is the mobile phone tower. Given that there is an Optus one nearby, I would guess Telstra. Could be Vodaphone I suppose, but I don't think so.

It also strikes me that it could be just a phone tower, aren't they such a gorgeous thing?, with an electric substation below?

But after studying the architectural merit of the building, I reckon it was built in the early days of mobile phones.

Now we want our backbone equipment that our mobiles depend on to function well. It clearly needs to stay cool. But I would have thought four air con units for an area of perhaps two metres by four metres was a bit of overkill. While I have tried to distinguish the sound of each one from the other, it is impossible. I reckon one works really hard and the others just bludge. Perhaps the bludgers had to step up to the crease last Saturday when it was 46 degrees.

Of course it is good to have backups, but if the power fails, well, they all stop.

I should start a new file, ugly buildings in back lanes with no phone number to call for graffiti removal.


  1. "But after studying the architectural merit of the building, I reckon it was built in the early days of mobile phones."

    When the radiation from the massive earpiece was still strong enough to instantly frazzle an architect's brain.

  2. Wouldn't make any difference if all 4 were working, the Optus and Foxtel cables melted at a nearby store.

  3. I hate to sound all high and mighty here, but as a former tech for these kinds of set ups, I know the massive amounts of heat that can be generated by such equipment and in a small unventilated area like that its even worse. A lot of the equipment is quite heat sensitive (well needs to be run below about 50C but is capable of generating far greater temperatures) Telsta though is getting a bit smart and will run units like that on a thermo switch so that they aren't running constantly and chewing up masses of power. Regardless of who sells this towers bandwidth though, the building and equipment will still most likely be Telstra property.

  4. Anonymous1:36 pm

    I'm with Brian on this. The building is in poor taste and is possibly the urban planning equivalent of a stomach ulcer.

  5. Seems to be some truth to that Brian.

    Really Jayne? I almost melted too.

    I think it is Telstra Mutant, although odd that there is no signage.

    Reuben, a good thing then that is almost hidden away.

  6. Looks like a public dunny for Daleks ... or George Michael.

  7. Cool GM's hot Greek blood LS. Stop it......