Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sun, Free Tibet and Aborted Landing

It was not a nice morning. The smoke haze hangs around and while the smell of burning gum leaves evokes pleasant childhood memories for me, I am sure the odour strikes terror into others. The sun rose starting as a ghastly bright red and slowly paled.

Arriving on the gentle easterly breeze, easterlies are unusual for Melbourne and usually mean humidity or rain, four balloons came into sight heading for a landing in Fawkner Park. The first dropped out of sight behind a building, presumably making a clean landing, the second, emblazoned with Free Tibet looked to be a bit higher on approach than the first and sure enough, it aborted its landing and quickly gained altitude.

It moved on to land at Albert Park......yes, the island again? Into the drink? Don't think so but as it was partially obscured, I could not see exactly what was happening. It rose and sank a few times, swivelled a bit, moved right and then left. It seemed to be manouvering to get a correct position. After over twenty minutes, it finally stopped and deflated. I expect there was some high drama involved.

The beast arises from its night time slumber.

Free Tibet approaching Fawkner Park.

To the lake.
Up and to the right. Almost like wathching a yo yo.


  1. If anything puts me off concerntrating on my driving when I work a morning shift of a weekend it is the sight of those balloons. I have tried to take images of them but I cannot. It is because I come from the West and we all know you cannot take pics with the Sun behind an object of focus.
    I am glad to see these ones Andrew. Nothing on the news about a balloon going into the drink today, lol. Maybe it just is not priority news?

  2. "...emblazoned with Free Tibet."

    It's a scam. I claimed my Free Tibet off these people once, and all I got was a time-share offer.

  3. I know what you mean Cazzie. The only reason I got one today is because of the smoke blocking the sun. Late Autumn or early Spring is best.

    Don't give up Brian. With the Chinese moving into Tibet, there will be money making ventures happening, including time shares.

  4. Was in your stratosphere the other day (floor 11 in Flinders St) but the heady heights were a tad much...even though I had a perfect view of the cancelled/delayed trains, buckled tracks, Koksy being rescued from the train tracks by Dudley Do-right on his white charger...maybe that was the smelling salts after the vertigo hit?

  5. Anonymous8:28 pm

    The smoke was was the Orange Juice I was drinking that evening.

  6. Jayne, one wonders who would rescue her?

    Orange juice Reuben. Boring.

  7. Anonymous4:21 pm

    You're right; that's why it also had Vodka in it.

  8. I would have thought genever was your preferred choice Reube, given your heritage. Yes, probably bad spelling by me.