Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Secret Some Aren't Sharing

I reckon I am not the only one with this problem. While I have not devoted my full attention to the matter, I have tried a bit.

How do you post an active hyperlink in blogger/blogspot comments?

SOME people seem to be able to do it, but I cannot see how.

I think Cazzie is also puzzled by this, along with Mutant.

Anyone care to share? Not just for my benefit, but for others too. Or do you want to keep this your own little secret?


  1. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Hmm. This puzzles me also.

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  3. see how it says <a> down on "You can use some html tags"?

    if you use the syntax <a href="test.com">site</a>

    you get links

  4. Just to clarify a bit more, the href="test.com" tells the browser the site you want to go to and the text between the two is the text you want to be the link

  5. You mean this kind of thing?

    I'm just too fucking lazy and I usually can't remeber how to do it in the heat of the moment. A bit like screaming out a lovers name. I just won't do it in case I fuck it up, essentially for the link above it should look like this: < a href="http:// highriser.blogspot.com/" >this< /a> with all the spaces removed to close up the HTML tags (change the word "this" to whatever you want) Its an exhaustive process I'm afraid, hence why I don't bother.

  6. Oh, crap and in between first reading and then finally submitting Bobby beat me to it, so now I just look like a stooge. Well thats just fine then!

  7. The Mutant and Bobby have described how to do this manually. It does seem a bit tedious, but if you do it frequently, your fingers sort of learn and you can do it without thinking, like typing your own name.

    If you use Firefox (and now let me get on my prosletysing high-horse and say if you are not using Firefox, YOU SHOULD BE), there is an extension that allows you paste commonly used textlines into any online textbox field, which helps speed up this and other frequent text entries.
    Click here to get: Paste Email Plus 2.0

  8. Wow, I thoght I was the only one not knowing this "secret". Thanks for thinking of me Andrew. I shall give it a go.

  9. Testing testing spamming testing...

  10. Yes, yes, yes the old < a href = " URL OF CHOICE ">highlighted word here< / a >
    Just like THIS

  11. And here is the answer by those ever so obliging MD.

    Nice Ian :)

    Ok Bobby. I tried using < url > 'url' < /url >

    I will have it handy to copy and paste Mutant. At least the answer is the same.

    Thanks Altissima. I do use FF but I wasn't aware of that little bit of extra. Not sure if I would need it for anything else. Pretty well all my writing comes from finger tips, not my brain, hence many errors.

    There we go Cazzie. We can be inserting all over the place.

    Not much in life you can't find humour in is there Brian? Btw, we are sending HRH Anne back before she starts clocking up speeding fines.

    You are a clever possum Jayne.

    Thanks all

  12. Love those flowers Andrew..it worked! Haha!

  13. "Not much in life you can't find humour in is there Brian? Btw, we are sending HRH Anne back before she starts clocking up speeding fines."

    Or to put another way, and here I'm *getting in* (Boom. boom) before Brian steals my "bonk-a-royal" thunder, "we are sending HRH Anne back before she starts cocking up speed cops"

    Don't know what any of that means, but I just had to say it.

    (My usual medication resumes tomorrow.)

  14. Well done you Cazz.

    LS, perhaps you could just take a visit to the UK and have a decent bonk with Brian and you will get over it. Oh, you like him for his wit!

  15. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Does it site

  16. That so did not work Reuben.


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