Monday, February 23, 2009

The search for a new phone

I want a slide phone but no one will give me one for free and allow me to stay on my mingy $20 a month phone plan. I can get an almost respectable one by switching to a $40 plan with a $35 call allowance. Would mean I could not use the excuse of cost of call to abruptly terminate calls.

Sod 'em all. I will buy my own.

$500 from phone companies? I don't think so.

Look online. Can buy one I like for $360. Wonder if it comes with an Australian warranty? The seller is in Australia, but who knows? Never needed to claim on a phone warranty anyway. Seems to good to be true. I credit someone's bank account with that amount and they will send me a phone. If it goes wrong, who to I contact?

Look at Ebay. Now what if I bid on the same phone from a reputable Ebay seller up to the amount of what I could buy it online for? Sounds like a plan? I am looking at buying Sony Ericsson W495 I think.

Nothing wrong with my old phone of course, but given I am an inner city chardonnay drinking latte sipping queen, I should have a new phone.

Life really is such a battle.


  1. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I can sell you mine for $4000.

  2. oooh be very very wary of ebay phones, i have heard many a horror story. A lot of them seem to be re-badged rubbish from Hong Kong.

  3. I haven't even got a mobile phone. We're such a parochial lot round here if we need to talk to somebody in a hurry we just lean out of the window and yell.

  4. I don't have a mobile any more - tis the new fashion to go without one ;)
    But definitely buy it in person, not online.

  5. I always have my doubts about technology in the first place, if you were to buy without warranty or support then you are a game man. That said I've never needed to use a phone warranty and if you get it cheap enough it should be irrelevant.

    Of course if I were a tech-head I'd decry your decision and steer you to a better phone, but instead I'll just say this - the only brand of phone I've had no problems with is Nokia. Everything else is rubbish for one reason or another.

    Consider that my public service!

  6. may have some good deals too, and from my own experience, are a lot more reliable than ebay

  7. Might be worth it Reuben, to have a snoop through its drive.

    Village life alive and well in England Brian.

    Not like I use mine Jayne. I just like having it.

    Noted Fenz.

    After five or six Sony Ericsson Mutant, I would have to learn a whole new menu. I have always been happy with S E. I find Samsung easy to use.

    Not somewhere I thought to look Ian. I am now officially concerned about warranties and buying online now.

  8. I bought mine on eBay and it's been a little ripper!

  9. Thanks Bliss. I reckon if you use normal common sense and instinct, as you, certainly I, do when using Ebay, you can't go too far wrong surely?

  10. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Don't quote me on SE... but many manufacturer's straight up state "eBay = No Warranty - fullstop!"

  11. Thanks Nanna and hi. I did kind of expect that. Thinking it through a bit, ultimately if is their product, then it must be serviceable for a period, in whatever jurisdiction. Of course pressing the point in an international court is more than I am up for.