Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reccommended Reading #71

Local people will have heard of Murrindindi now after the fires. I had not really before the fires. LiD had a professional photographer with her when she took a look see at the area.

Actually, they were taken over a period, very noticeable by green grass. Take a look. Pretty spesh.


  1. Why is it place names become renown for tragedy far more than happiness, forever shrouding the town in grief?

  2. It does for a time Jayne but isn't all fame good? Take Beasconsfield in Tassie where the mine disaster happened. I would have never have known about the pretty little town otherwise and if I was in northern Tas, I would be sure to visit.

  3. It is a gorgeous place Andrew, it will re generate of course, but it is sad that the fires are just this bad. Today is a tense day for me as I watch the CFA and DSE for my Aunt's area near Dayelsford. School closures, road closures...activated fire plans..

  4. Yeah, I was well tuned into Dayelsford. Fortunately, all well.

  5. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Thanks Andrew. I called this area 'happy country', when I first started blogging. It will be that again one day. I just hope that very soon the crisp Autumn days will bring some real relief.

  6. Slight Autumnal feel to the air some mornings LiD. But not tomorrow!


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