Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reading and the Holocaust

I finished quite a good read recently. It was not a book I would have chosen to buy, but a christmas present from Mother, although Sister chose it.

It was a fairly complex book and it jumped from present time to history at various ages as it told the story. What I did pick up, and I think it is historically pretty well on the money, is that there has been a very long history of persecution of Jewish people by Catholics. All history now though isn't it?

Not quite, not quite yet when you have a jerk like Bishop Richard Williamson deny the number of victims who died during WW2 at the hands of the Nazis. He does not even think that the gas chambers existed. What does he think the buildings were for? Basketball?

To the Church of Rome's credit, he was excommunicated for his views. We would think that would be the end of the matter, him no longer having any official status. But no, the present pope has reinstated him. I take that as the pope having some sympathy with his views or at least considering the matter is no big deal. The wedge has just slipped slightly into the crack.

He would be prosecuted for his views in Germany and Argentina has just kicked him out of their country.

Come to Australia buddy. Our governments could do with something to distract the moaning masses.

The book was called People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks.


  1. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Interestingly, the POPE (Pudgy, Obe-shaped Pile of Excrement) recently reinstated a holocaust-denying, gay-hating and anti-democracy cardinal to the outrage of everyone.

  2. "I take that as the pope having some sympathy with his views..."

    Or possibly just following the Christian doctrine of turning the other cheek. (Hey...there's got to be first time for everything.)

  3. Arse-hole can kiss these cheeks.
    (_(_) (_(_) (_)_) (_)_)

  4. Reuben, he really seems to be going out of his way to get up noses.

    Brian, you can't turn the other cheek while someone is still slapping it.

    Nice one Jayne.

  5. Argentina kicked him out? He was probably making all those old Nazi refugees and they're strident children nervous. They didn't kick Mengele out and they were furious when Mossad kidnapped Eichmann in 1959.

  6. Just politics 101 Lad. Surprising to me, but Argentina has a large Jewish population.

  7. At the same time as reinstating the Holocaust denying priest in Melbourne, the Pope has tried to remove a gay/lesbian sympathetic priest in Brisbane.

  8. It is wonderful Victor. A modest and all embracing priest with his faithful congregation taking on Rome.


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