Thursday, February 19, 2009


No murder that I picked up, but deaths yes, corruption yes, heaps of government involvement and interference, engineering feats to marvell at and some failed engineering attempts, artistic egos, gays, artistic endeavours and art, public ridicule, short cuts and cheapness, forty years in the planning and completion, councils fighting against state government, and vice versa, destruction of our cultural heritage, sinking St Kilda Road and bent tram tracks, alienation of public land, alterations, budget cuts, seagulls, moths, lazer lighting, politics of course, architects.

I could go on with many more adjectives and phrases. What am I talking about? A fleshed out post in a day or so.


  1. is it something built now on the site of old and wondrous Glaciarium?

    Looking forward to
    your fleshy-post.

  2. On the money FG. I am not going to republish the book, but just some basic info.

  3. LOL Brian!
    Something happening in the works down there in St Kilda is it andrew. I hope it is not the destruction of lovely old buildings to make way for newer ones?

  4. Prescribed practising for adulthood Brian.

    Nope Cazzie. It will be around for a long long time yet.

  5. That F.G.Marshal-Stacks is smarrter than i am, and re
    "seagulls, moths, lazer lighting, politics of course, architects."
    you could add 'the relocating of the fountain' (from an appropriate place to an invisible place. I think G.J.Coles paid for it.)

  6. Yep, think that was correct also Ann.