Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Practical Help

You may think that there is not much we city folk and those afar can do help with the victims of the Victorian bush fires but there is. Jayne is off manning staffing telephones.

I just came across this link at Telstra. Yes, people are in need of mobile phone chargers, so if you have any lying around unused, send them off. I have found two I don't really need and they are shortly on their way. The postal address is

Telstra Country Wide
Locked Bag 4670
Melbourne Vic 3001


  1. Bloody great idea! Everyone needs a charger and why not, they only lay around eh!

  2. This morning me and #1 daughter did a drop off of items suggested/requested by Clem Bastow.

    We were but a tiny part of a constant stream to RRR.

    And doesn't it warm your heart to see this from a warm, generous icon?

  3. Surprisingly Cazzie, R had two as well.

    Most generous of him LS. I know little of him, except that he is VIP in music.

  4. OK Shirl, FYI here's a You Tube with a Lenny (a VIP in music) Cohen iconic song being sung by Rufus (a gay VIP in music) Wainwright.

    Young Ruf's a seriously fine talent produced by a dad who found a dead skunk in the middle of the road and brother of Martha, an even greater talent. (Of course all this depends one's own individual musical tastes.)

  5. What LS? Music with lyrics that can be understood? Don't know that I care for that.

    Dead skunk I get. Martha? As in Muffins?

  6. ... as in Rufus the young blood's sister.

    (You're generously aged enough to get that seriously bad word play.)