Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Practical Help, Fleshed Out

I wrote Practical Help in 3 mins and was nearly late back to work. In our modern times, many people use the mobile phone as an address book, or at least have a phone number stored for everyone they know and many businesses they deal with. I would suggest you really need some sort of paper back up or at least a computer based back up.

I have, but it might be a little behind the mobile phone that just had a new phone number added today.

Lose you mobile phone, and all maybe lost. Drop it down the lav, and all may be lost. Bolt from a fire, you still have your mobile with all the phone numbers, but it is useless once the phone goes flat. For some, it might be now the most precious thing they own.

Many of the surviving victims of fires will have old phones and although I am not a Nokia person, I would reckon Nokias would be in the majority. Did they think to copy all numbers to the SIM card as they fled? Probably not.

Now, all they need is the electric to plug their chargers into. Should I ask Origin/CitiPower/PowerCorp for help? Probably not.


  1. "Lose you mobile phone, and all maybe lost."

    I don't own a mobile phone myself. I just have a speaking tube connected to every location in the Wyre. Nobody knows this. So far I've never had to use it, so everyone thinks they've got air conditioning systems that don't work.

  2. Your parchment scroll with your telephone number list must be cumbersome Brian. And how does Michelle ask you to pick up a pint of milk on your way home from a dig?

  3. Michelle shouts down her jam tin to Brian's jam tin.

    The twine that connects the tinnies ensures an invigorating English Breakfast morning brew. Let's hear it for Twinings tea.

  4. i heard on 774 today that the refuge centres have all kinds of mobile phone chargers available for people to use at the centre, which is a fantastic idea.

  5. Andrew,

    I have an address book...well, two address books to be honest...and we have our milk delivered every morning, all traditional like. If all else fails and somebody needs to get a message to me urgently though, they usually tie it to the ear of the sheep at the front of the nearest flock and point 'em in the right direction.

  6. They did show the reunion of three 15 year old girls yesterday..they were asll best friends and in their last moment before the fireball hit their places, they sent rapid sms to each other, saying they would look down on each other (from Heaven) and that they could not have wished for a better friend. It was gut wrenching, because half of their group of friends have presumably perished.
    I have a little Nokia phone, I have my address book, pics and music on my laptop from that phone. It amazes me that I don't know everyone's mobile numbers off by heart yet I can still remember all the house numbers hubby and I have ever had over the years. Maybe it is lazyness? Maybe I have too many contacts? LOL

  7. LS, I did wonder about all those threads strung around Fleetwood.

    Yep Fenz, I heard that too. Seems they have a lot at one place at least.

    A sheep trained to smell out bacon butties Brian.

    Cazzie, it occurred to me that what a good thing it was that it was Saturday and not a school day. I too can remember heaps of old phone numbers and house numbers, but not present day ones.

    Thanks Daniel. As per my previous post.

  8. Whoops, had forgotten you already posted the charger link.

  9. My previous Nokia died without warning and with it died all those numbers that for some reason the phone chose to save to itself rather than to the SIM card.

    Only the SIM card saved numbers were retrievable.

  10. Salutary tale Victor. Make sure numbers go onto SIM card.