Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oops a daisy

Several weeks I was absentmindedly looking out a window of the highrise. 'What is that?' I asked R. Next to Pran Central, I prefer its old name Moore's, something large and red had appeared. We worked out it was probably the new monstrosity being built in Commercial Road.

God, if ever the wrong building went into the wrong location, it is this one. It turns a street with a nice open feel into a canyon. The street is dominating by Pran Central, a beautiful old building, surround by and leading along the street by mostly two storey Victorian buidlings, with a few aberations along the way. Not quite opposite the historic Prahran Market sits this building under construction that absolutely dominates the street and a very unattractive manner. Should I blame City of Stonnington or the widely despised VCAT?

The red that we noticed was a plastic or fabric wrapping around it. On the outside of the wrapping was scaffolding. Yesterday the scaffolding fell down, taking a few workers down with it. It seems none were injured badly. The scaffolding brought down power lines, tramway overhead wires, landed on several cars and generally caused mayhem.

A cctv camera caught the fall and a cyclist had a narrow escape having ridden past only a couple of seconds before. The incident caused Commercial Road to be closed for over twenty four hours, meaning traffic and tram and bus chaos, in others streets too where traffic was forced to by the closure. No doubt businesses lost revenue too.

I will suggest that this is the first of a lot of bad luck for the very inappropriate building at 160-162 Commercial Road, Prahran.

Pic courtesy Herald Sun.


  1. Astounding that the people involved were not more severely injured. I would suggest to them, if they were my patients, to go take out a lottery ticket.. it had been their lucky day.
    Lets hope the worksafe people get on top of it. My friend's father was killed in a workplace accident a few years back, a large cement sheet was dropped on him. The family has not been the same since.

  2. "...something large and red had appeared."

    Dawn French been overdoing it on the sunbed again?

  3. My son is a scaffolder and when I heard about the accident I called him straight away. Fortunately he was at a different site. They are some lucky guys not to have been more seriously injured

  4. So Loz. Your son knows how scaffolding works. What went wrong? One word answer is fine.

  5. Very lucky indeed Cazzie. When I was at the Eye and Ear with Mother, I saw quite a few work place accident victims. This scaffolding fall really should not have happened.

    Dawn French is gorgeous Brian. No dissing of her tolerated.

  6. Some angels were watching over their shoulders yesterday!

  7. Andrew,

    Dawn French, as you quite rightly say, is extremely excellent and I've always been a big fan...but she hasn't half been piling on the stones these last few years.

  8. Very lucky Jayne.

    Brian, I don't know that I have seen her since Vicar ended. She was never exactly slim.