Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Railway Journeys #77

I have no idea what a Jacobite is but I now know what The Jacobite is. It is a steam train that travels up the west coast of Scotland on the West Highland line. Glasgow to Fort William in about five hours. Let the gif go through its paces to especially see what must be the most gorgeous viaduct in the world. I know little of Harry Potter, only having taken notice when the star was naked astride a horse, but there is some connection.

Later note, ok, the gif does not work, but the relevant photo is showing.


  1. The Jacobites were the followers of Bonnie Prince Charlie dedicated to restoring the Stuarts to the British throne.

    It's also a particularly unpleasant and cheap brand of whisky, which I wouldn't recommend unless you've got a good strong mixer.

  2. Time Team once unearthed a via duct in Wales, similar to that, that had been buried with slag and rubbish.
    Look how tall that one is and imagine the volume needed to bury the valley in which it stood!
    A stunning example of historical architecture, when "industrial" didn't automatically mean harsh and ugly.

  3. Anonymous6:51 am

    Of course the Scottish scenery on that route is magnificent. Even more so than the views on The Cornish Express down to Cornwall. And the thing with some of those great viaducts is that you dont really get to see them in all their glory as you pass over them.

    But two things that wake up the passengers on the Cornish route is the moment when the train travels right along the sea edge at Teignmouth in Devon, and also when it crosses Brunels Bridge at Plymouth. Not quite Scotland but we never tire of it.

  4. While I should know Brian, were they successful?

    Would you agree Jayne, elegant is a good word to describe it?

    Yep David, fine bridges are best viewed from a distance and not while on them. I will check the Cornwall train trip in the future. Coastal trains are good to be on. Can't really think of one here, but I know there is one in New Zealand.

  5. I love Harry Potter, lol.
    That image is breathtaking, as would be the view atop of that wonderful construction.

  6. I think the bridge was used in one of the movies Cazzie.