Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Future

I believe in climate change caused by we humans. I make my fair contribution to the problem. It has not rained in Melbourne for so long.

The simplest reason that I have heard is from our weather bureau who tell us that low pressure systems are slipping very much to the south of us in Victoria, Australia, and so we are not getting rain. Why they are slipping southward seems to be climate change.

I am not willing to go without my creature comforts to remedy the problem, but I am prepared to pay to remedy the problem so long as it is done on a fair basis.

From my observations, it has already become a case of the haves getting water because they can afford it and the poor going without.

The playing grounds of the religious Methodist school, Wesley College in St Kilda Road, are gorgeously green while your average government school playing field is a dry dust bowl. Where does Wesley's water come from? A recyling plant? A bore in the country? Thereby further lowering the water table. It matters not where their water comes from. They have taken it from somewhere. They haven't made new water and they can afford to buy in water.

While I just love gorgeous gardens in posh areas, the people of these houses just buy in water, either recycled or bore water to maintain them. Your poor pensioner cannot afford this for their poxy pseudo cottage garden consisting of a single daisy plant and some horrid perennials. Both gardens are very valid.

Depressing as it may be, the future will be the haves having water and electricity to burn and the have nots having little of either because they cannot afford it.

And this is happening under Labour governments, the party of the working people.

Pass me a knife. Do I cut vertically or horizontally?


  1. Many phone calls to 774 this arvo about those water tankers carrying "recycled" water - with those purple hoses? - seen filling up at fire hydrants.
    I guess it's recycled if fish have farked in it a few thousand times...?

    It's down the road, not across the street, by the way....

  2. "...it has already become a case of the haves getting water because they can afford it and the poor going without."

    Try moving to Britain Andrew...it pisses down on the poor as well as the rich here. The only difference is that the rich can afford expensive umberellas that don't get blown inside out with the hurricane winds.

  3. it's trying ever so hard to drizzle this morning... i guess that's all we'll get, not enough to register in any guages.

  4. Oh noes Andrew, you mentioned Labour.

    While I hate do admit it as a Labour supporter the incumbent state government could be described easily as the lame duck one.

    If you have a look at the key players in the current state government:

    - Peter Bachelor was Transportation Minister now Energy Minister.
    - Lynn Kosky was Education Minister now Transportation Minister.
    - Tim Holding was Police Minister now Water Minister.
    - Justin Madden was Sports Minister now Planning Minister
    - John Brumby was State Treasurer now Unelected Premier.

    These people are probably the most responsible for the issues in the state at the moment.

    If we could somehow replace these people with likenesses of real ministers or even just put some trained monkeys in their place then maybe we wouldn't be living in a blacked out, overcrowded, overdeveloped dustbowl state.

  5. I heard one in the morning Jayne and must have missed the others. What a laugh. What is down the road?

    At least the English are slightly restrained in flaunting their wealth Brian.

    Was enough rain to make the car filthy Fenz.

    It is sad Bobby. I love your your accurate description of our state at the end.

  6. Yes, sad but true, you make note of the very things I think of and see in my travels.
    My children's school oval is a dust bowl. The expensive school nar my place of work has lush green ovals (note plural). My children's school do their bit to conserve water, even putting conatiners at the bottom of the drinking fountains so to use the water on the gardens and not let it down the drain.
    I don't think I am whinging, just putting forward an observation.
    You the knife holder..you can carve it anyway you like Andrew, it is all the same to me.

  7. And just to ads insult Cazzie, your taxes are probably part paying for private school green grass. Lol at last line.

  8. Andrew, I have had reason to visit Wesley College St Kilda Road a couple of times in the last few weeks. Although I have lived in the area for years, I have never been in the grounds before.
    I noticed the purple pipes labeled recycled water, and asked from whence it came. Was advised that they have rain water tanks installed, and are installing a bore, which they will share with the Deaf School next door. I was informed that the school is entitled to apply for water exemptions, but has chosen not to, in fairness to the wider Melbourne community. While they are lucky they can afford the cost of tanks and a bore, they are not pinching water from elsewhere.

  9. Collecting rainwater does not concern me Altissima. Bores do, and you nail the point, money can buy energy and water, and many won't be able to afford it.