Monday, February 09, 2009

Fight or Flee

I have believed it is possible to stay at your home and face a bus fire, so long as you are well prepared.

Well prepared by my standards would be no native trees near your house, a good perimeter of cleared land and most importantly, a petrol driven pump, a back up petrol driven pump, a decent supply of petrol, a good supply of non town water and sprays rigged up over your house, preferably with metal fittings. You also have to be fit and properly attired to fight spot fires and embers. Of course you have to be there and not at work or elsewhere, and, you have to be very brave.

I thought if I lived in the country, that is how I would protect my house.

In a complete about face, I now think that I would ensure that I had the highest level of insurance cover on my property and get the hell away early. It is just not worth the risk to human life.


  1. Here, Here Andrew, I would pack the car, get the kids and the dog and leave that morning...Last Saturday I knew it would be a bastard of a day...I was right..I am shattered to say it, but I was right.

  2. Having been through Ash Wednesday I too believed that if i was faced with it again I'd stay and fight. After seeing the carnage from Saturday I'm with you, flee asap. Not when I can see the flames, but long before any danger is imminent.

  3. Most of the time it's not the flames that kill, it's the radiant heat well ahead of the fire.
    With the conditions on Saturday there were few places you could have stayed to fight.

  4. Cazzie, one thing to risk your own life, but I would hope no one would risk their kids.

    Yep Fenz, there will be a lot of discussion about this in the near future.

    Jahteh, it seems you can never know how severe a fire might be. Being cooked by radiant heat must be unpleasant, to say the least.

  5. The heat and fires didn't "behave" in the time recognised way.
    It was a day to flee, not to stand and fight.

  6. It was Jayne, but how can you know how bad it will be?

  7. Anonymous4:47 pm

    I am with you Andrew - grab the family and pets and get the hell out of there early. Trying to save your home if futile, you can always rebuild your house but can't replace the lives lost.

    Another thought is when rebuilding these homes make it compulsory to have a concrete bunker built under ground in each. I heard one women insisted in having one built for the family and it saved their lives.

    Such a sad tragedy but will not be the last in this harsh country we live in.

  8. Anon, it is interesting to see whether bunkers will be recommended. I think not.


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