Monday, February 09, 2009


I don't give to charities normally. I don't give to beggars either. Maybe it is my Scottish blood, maybe I am just mean, but I don't like supporting charities doing the basic work that our governments should, funded by our taxes.

The last time I gave money was for the Tsunami Appeal. I made sure it did not go to a religious organisation, but still, much of the donated money eventually seemed to disappear into administrative costs.

I will make an exception again and donate generously to the appeal for bush fire victims. R has already agreed to match mine and I just discovered my workplace will match all donations by anyone who donates via them. Sorry, no names. Gee up your employer to do the same.

While there will be some well off people on the receiving end, or at least some of the money will be poorly distributed, it has struck me that the majority are not rich people, in fact many of them are clearly your pretty basic working class or social security recipients who have tried for an inexpensive life in the country.

I vividly recall 1983 fires and I never really expected to experience anything like that again, let alone worse. Before that, I think my father drove us through serious grass fires. As a kid on a farm with a fire approaching, we had our wetted down hessian sacks and ready to get into the dam water.

I just cannot imagine the situation some people found themselves in. The dead are dead and past help. Help those who lost and are feeling very lost.


  1. Oh Andrew, I am so with you. Whether it be money, toothbrushes or just being there to boil the kettle for a cup of tea - I sincerely hope that the people in need are well looked after. Blessings all 'round to Victorians, New South Welsh people, and anyone else in need. xo

  2. WORD! My work are doing the donation thing so I donated all the cash in my wallet. I may be a poor student but these people are far more deserving.

  3. Anonymous12:40 am

    Wildlife Victoria is also calling for donations to help the many animals who have suffered in the fires. Perhaps people can consider giving a smaller part of their donation budget to wildlife. Vik.

  4. Just been watching the latest news reports of the disaster on the BBC and it isn't pleasant. Your PM called those responsible 'mass murderers' and I'm inclined to agree with him.

  5. Yep Deb, NSW did not come out of it unscathed.

    Nice one Fenz.

    A good reminder Vik, thanks.

    They effectively are just that Brian, mass murderers.

  6. Anonymous11:25 am

    I'd call them 'terrorists'; it fits the definition quite well. Fucking bastards.

  7. Yeah Reuben, terrorism against your own people.

  8. Any little bit helps; food, money, clothing, pet food, anything.

    I'm with Reuben; string the c*&^*s up by their balls.

  9. I've got a better idea. Name the pricks who did this and simply cut off their hands. Yes, it's barbaric, but it would make plenty of people happy that these bastards would be living in shame that would be very difficult to hide. Also, they would have plenty of trouble re-offending.

  10. Anonymous4:48 pm

    I'm torn between crying for the loss of life and dreams and crying for the beauty of everyone who has come forth to help. And then I look out my window at work and see smoke in the hills and know that the worst isn't over yet.

  11. Great for the fundraising, the kids' school is doing it too. And my friends' of ours kids' school is donating clothes and food and toiletries.
    Hubbys work is also donating casholah and the employees will donate from their pay.

  12. Seems there is a bit of over supply of some items Jayne. Co-ordination is the key.

    Fingers crossed for the rest of the fire season MD.

    I reckon every school will be raising money Cazzie. Kids are great about such things.

  13. Re-offending would be very difficult Rob. Serves them right.

  14. Anonymous10:31 am

    I don't give to charities normally. I don't give to beggars either. Maybe it is my Scottish blood, maybe I am just mean, but I don't like supporting charities doing the basic work that our governments should, funded by our taxes.

    Yes your just mean. Typical of a whole demographic of privledged selfish inner city types.

    You have been lucky in life. I hope for your sake you never fall on hard times.

  15. Mean I may be Anon, but it does not negate the point that Australia is a rich country and our taxes should pay for assistance for all social problems. Not that I have any spare cash, I do live in a property worth a considerable sum. When I am gone, half will go to young rels probably and the other to an animal charity. Animals don't whine and whinge and if they possibly can, will seek out their own shelter and food.

    Yes, I am lucky, if you can call doing the same shit job for three decades to pay for the little I have.

    I am lucky because I sacrificed to the max in the early eighties to buy a run down hovel in East Malvern. Doing the same job now, I could never afford a house in East Malvern, begging, borrowing and lying to get the money together, a whole $42,000, without knowing I could really repay the monies. This troubles me, as does the whole buying property thing for young people.

    To conclude, the government and our taxes should look after people and they ought not have to depend on charity. Charity for the poor is a terribly old fashioned view.

  16. Anonymous10:33 am

    Yeah and in theory communism works.

    But in reality it doesn't!

    Yeah sure the Government SHOULD be eliminating the need for charities but it doesn't.

    So you just hold onto your principle if that helps you sleep at night.

    I have followed your blog for a while now and you sound like a very selfish person.

  17. Why do only anonymous people criticise me? I have more than once confessed to being selfish. What I do, I do with good grace or I don't do it at all. You won't hear me whining in retrospect, in real life anyway. I have a partner who is expert at that. Don't need two of us. I urge you Anon to take care with judging people by what they write. One blog writer I know is almost the opposite of how he comes across in his blog.Blog writing for some is somewhat of a theatrical performance. You can't have missed the line in my bio, 'take it as fact at your risk'.