Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Highriser

Oh how I miss Sydney trams. Ok, they had stopped running in 1961 before I was aware of anything. Well, I feel a nostalgic pang about them. It was such an extensive system, and a fast system too, why would you want a car? Like everywhere, people did want cars. The system was shut down and now buses have replaced them and the buses sit stuck among the many motor cars.

Sydney has a pretty great tram museum though. Unlike Melbourne, there is only one. Unlike Melbourne, it is easy to get to on public transport. Unlike Melbourne, it has plenty of space and is in a nice environment.

There was a special event last weekend, and I saw something that concerned me muchly. Not because it was particularly dangerous, but it looked dangerous and museums, especially big ones and mobile ones like this operate under close scrutiny by government safety orgs. They have to be seen to be safe.

What I saw was a Youtube video. I publicly suggested in a forum about the safety matter that was quite clear in the video. In retrospect I should have done it privately.

But overnight the video was pulled from Youtube and a new one uploaded and surprise surprise the new one did not breach any area of safety. I don't want to cause trouble for museums, and so I just humbly apologized for my bad hearing and clearly I had made a mistake. Ok, I knew I had not, but no matter. Subsequently I have received two emails from people who were there and they tell me the original video was correct. The second one was doctored.

By putting it here with a couple of salient words contained in the text, this may well be found by a dilligent searcher.

It is something I doing because I don't like to look foolish in the eyes of a couple of people whos' respect I would hope for.

To do it publicly was a poor choice on my part. To point it out to the relevant people would have been better. I was wrong to do it publicly, but I know what I saw and heard.

At this point, shake your head and say what was that all about and find something more interesting to read.


  1. Vague and enigmatic. I want to see the original video now...although somehow I expect whatever my imagination's producing was a great deal worse than the actual video evidence.

  2. Years ago I purchased a video from the Tram Museum at Loftus (Sydney) which featured all the tram routes of Sydney and Newcastle. Hours of old footage that I loved watching (and falling asleep to).

  3. Hindsight is a bugger sometimes Andrew. Don't worry, I think you still did the most correct thing at the time, I am sure you did.

  4. Very tedious matter Brian.

    Haha Victor. The soporific effect of rattling and grinding trams.

    Onward and upward Caz.

  5. Having read the original thread, I see nothing wrong with you questioning what was happening. Changing the video makes it appear like a cover up though...

  6. Point was made Ben. Cover up followed. Good. No reason to question the practices of STM, lest they get into trouble. No subsequent public conversation. Leave sleeping dogs lie.


Before you change something, find out why it is the way it is in the first place - unknown.