Friday, February 27, 2009


I am working on a mega post that I want to be historically accurate and interesting, but I have been diverted by finding an association with a Lady and a W B Griffin designed housing estate and they are all connected. What was to be a simple book review exploded. It will take time.

Fortunately I have a couple of photos up my sleeve. This building is at the corner of Alma and St Kilda Roads in St Kilda. It just has to be a case of VCAT strikes again. Surely my City of Port Phillip would not approve of it? It dwarfs every building around it, even the church spire.

Utter disgrace and nasty blot on the area. In England, they seem to mangage higher density living with a bit of style and blending into surrounds. Not so here. We put humungous warts on interesting and electic artwork.


  1. Anonymous1:53 am

    I don't think that building's that's a bit too tall perhaps. There's also an abandoned lot adjacent to the corner curb. What's with that?

  2. "In England, they seem to mangage higher density living with a bit of style and blending into surrounds."

    Obviously you managed to avoid Birmingham, Andrew; a more foul and cancerous blot on the otherwise pleasant skyline/landscape it'd be difficult to find. Every architect who contributed to that ghastly running sore of a city needs to be shot.

  3. Oooooo, have you been in my head again?
    House researching happening here, probably different one.

    FB just walked past the monitor and said,
    "Ewwww, where's that so I know to avoid it?"

    Actually, I used to know that area like the back of my hand, was going to try to remember what was there but it'll probably just send me crackers when I realise what's gone for that thing.

  4. I think....single storey Edwardian houses?
    The (ugly) apartments called "Farnham" are further along, aren't they?

  5. It is not the building Reuben. I quite like it. It how it fits, and I am not saying blends, but fits into its surrounds. Something very tall was knocked back on the adjacent vacant site, so I stranger told me when I was discussing the site with R as we passed by in the tram.

    Apart from being very old and industrial Brian, I know nothing of Birmingham. Bu then Newcastle was supposed to be a horrible coal dust covered industrial town with barren empty shipyards. Not how I found it.

    I can't remember what was there Jayne. Used car lot? I will ask R, but The Bill is on atm. I think it would be quite nice inside. R lived at Farnham Court for a time before I knew him. He had a Jewish 'girlfriend' called Miriam. I got to know her and she was gorgeous and so so funny. A friend of R's owned a place there. All those cute bois at night swimming in the central pool, but then staying up really late and making a lot of noise.

    That was the side of High Street that was demolished, so there was nothing old facing the street.

  6. It looks like shit where it is. I agree with the post!

    I ran across this intersection to put out a car on fire where the white van is passing on the right side of the photo. I must admit the residents there seem to be pretty decent. At least when there's flames out the front.

  7. Ah, I recall that Rob. Yeah, I am sure they are decent. It would have nice views too. But just the wrong place.