Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Widow Highriser

The widow highriser sits at home alone tonight. R has gone to see the Rocky Horror Show in town. I joined him and friends for a nice meal at the Lemon Bistro (Thai) before they went to the show. One friend went into town to buy Chinese New Year greeting cards and happened to pop his head into the box office, and discovered tickets for $50 each, cheap. He bought three, thinking I would not want to go. I could have at the last minute, but I have an early start in the morning and I was not mentally prepared for it.

Besides, the heat has given me a headache and I have hardly even been out in it today, being a non working day.

I bought a bottle of wine to have with our dinner. R only had one and half glasses and I hate to waste wine, and so felt compelled to finish the bottle.

Depending on the viewpoint, wine and me in public places either works extremely well or extremely badly. You judge.

As I walked to the tram stop along Little Bourke Street, I was overcum with lust. Cute Asian bois, macho Asian guys, blond Scandinavian backpackers, Aussies and Kiwis in town for the tennis. Lust, lust, lust. I want them all!

I was determined to catch an air con tram home, and along came a big one bound for St Kilda. Well, that did not help the situation at all. Heaps of hot young men on the tram and bare flesh everywhere.

Keep your sons at home Mrs Worthington or make sure I just stay at home.


  1. Heat And Lust.

    Did the nThai place have a shrine to their Prime Minister? I have noticed those and wondered how funny it would be if aussie cafs had shrines to Our Kevin.

    I will post your book prize to Andrew Highriser 3004

    (I saw Rocky Horror in LA at The Roxy in 1976)

    mwah mwah

  2. Anonymous8:07 pm

    The same can be said of the women...

  3. They are normally shrines to Buddha aren't they Ann? Anyway, like most Thai restaurants, it is run by Vietnamese.

    In your case Reuben, quite so.

  4. Thai, I love Thai..yes, I think I shall take other half out for Thai some time very soon. A nice bottle of wine is always a great acompanyment.

  5. Anonymous10:55 pm

    I can't believe you didn't see the show. I thought when I saw it it was the last week. Very very good.

  6. Cold spoons and ice cubes for you, young DrewAn :P

  7. ooh i do like the influx of tourists that summer and the australian open bring!

  8. Anonymous1:20 am

    Re the wine, maybe you should read this...


    Cheers (or maybe not) Walker

  9. I share your pain Andrew, I really do. Last night's tram trip home for me was unbearable thanks to the plethora of exotic looking men on display, I hadn't even been drinking wine but I so would've liked to get my hands on the caramel-coloured, compact little bearded chap sitting beside me. He looked wonderful and smelt delicous and I was quite flustered by the time I got off the tram.

    This is why I still tolerate public transport!

  10. Kids like it too Cazzie?

    Seen it twice before TDW and the movie a few times, including an audience participation one. Good fun, but best left as a good memory.

    All is back to normal this morning Jayne, jaded.

    And unlike the GP Fenz, the crowds seem to dress much more nicely.

    Interestingly Walker, red wine can give me a skin reaction where my hands and soles get small blisters. So far the nails are ok. Usually happens when I am on holidays. There is an obvious connection.

  11. Something that committed motorists miss Mutant. The chance of a glimpse up a shorts leg, a nice exposed underarm of someone strap hanging.......I better stop right there.

  12. I am worried by your drinking Andrew. If R had 1 and a half glasses out of a bottle, I calculate that left you with 2 and a half glasses to yourself. And this turned you into a drunken perve?? You do have a drinking problem - you don't drink enough! Please let me know if you would like some "how to drink more wine" lessons, as I happen to be very good at it. I can also spot a fine male specemin from 3 tram carraiges away(BTW, you forgot to mention the hotties with the tanned forarms sporting a watch....)

  13. Well, slightly tipsy really Deb. It normally takes a bit more than that. Empty stomach I think, and a very light meal.

    And the bigger the watch the better? Although maybe a big watch is a compensations for something.