Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seven things you don't know about me

I seem to wear my life on the sleeve of my heart in my blog, so I may struggle here.

1/ I was grabbed around the throat by a customer at work one day. I should have made a fuss, but instead flew off to New Zealand the next day on holidays. It was a long time ago, but it did have a profound impact upon me. I absolutely abhor any kind of physical violence.

2/ I am fat. I have the typical male guts of my age, fed by too much fruit in the form of grape juice. So just my guts really. Nothing else fat except.....well, too personal.

3/ I love and hate my city and my country in probably equal portions.

4/ I love Euro style trance/tech/dance music. Sitting with head phones on and listening and I am in another world. But I seldom do it, but when I do..... Bit sad for someone my age.

5/ I am extremely fussy about my fingernails and eyebrows. Both will always present as perfect.....almost. Could do better. Fingernails I manage in work time, eyebrows in my own time. I would call it making the best of a bad job.

6/ I have had a broken arm, leg, wrist and nose, all before I was 8. The nose was when I was only 2; a neighbour dropped me face down on a concrete step.

7/ I used to have a bad habit, broken now, of playing with my back in public; scratching at it, picking at it, rubbing my shoulder blades. Once R told me to stop adjusting my bra strap in public a couple of times, I did stop.

Gay guys always go to the extreme, so I must add an extra one.

8/ I have an irrational fear of being hit by a car when sitting or waiting at a tram or bus stop. I know the odds are in my favour, but a wet road, idiot driver, skidding along the road, slamming in the tram shelter I am sitting in.......


  1. Are you sure you were not a stunt actor child? LOL, I was accident prone also. Were you the second child? I was.

  2. Anonymous12:06 am

    Number 8 reminds me of my fear of static electricity. I seem particularly prone to being shocked almost every single time I get out of my car. It can make grabbing door handles seem a little strange to onlookers.

  3. Interesting list, I can't help but wonder what you're not telling us about number two (typical for me) I believe that number five is fantastic, number six made me audibly "ouch" I giggled at R's comment in seven and I've never though about eight, now I have something to fret about!

  4. The thought of you being dropped on your face makes me feel ill.

  5. Anonymous10:45 am

    I'm fat too...don't worry.

  6. Oldest Cazzie. Seemed to happen to all kids back then.

    Another whole subject for me TDW. I have recently had lots of shocks. Will post about it.

    It is awful to think about Victor. It made no improvement to my looks.

    You don't look fat Reuben.

  7. No talking about my bum Mutant. You are too young to worry about eight.

  8. Number eight reminded me of the time thirty years ago when I was in a phone box making a call. Some hoons in a car spun out coming towards me, and ended up skidding sideways towards the box. Fortunately they stopped just before we contacted. Then they just turned around and roared off leaving me frozen with horror.

    Maybe they managed to kill themselves just up the road.

  9. Anonymous3:47 pm

    I don't do what it says on the tin, Andrew.

  10. Precisely what I mean Bliss. You just have no control over the situation.

    Think I get it Reuben.

  11. #2 & 3 ring bells...although I think #3 is at least subconsciously present in most Australians...

  12. Hi Me and welcome. Hope it is not so windy in Lonnie. #3 is interesting. We have such natural advantages and are a relatively a wealthy country, and yet so many things are wrong.