Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recommended Reading #44

I try not to do this too often. Peoples tastes are different, but this is really quite a good post that has taken some effort. Extra good if you are familiar with the music from West Side Story and appreciate a pun on our transport minister Kosky and West Side Story's Officer Kotky(?).

The Governor General, Lord Segdwick of Strathmore's post on Melbourne's train troubles.



  1. When I saw West Side Story at the Bourke St Cinerama, I thought it was wonderful 'Yoof Culture' was a fairly new concept then of course.
    The G-G always nails stuff.
    He could run the bloody railways better than Kosky too.

    Copperwitch is online in the next room too. We are weary from empathy for passengers on hot platforms looking for trains, and for the poor bastards stuck on that freeway today.

  2. Gee Officer Krupke!

  3. Anonymous8:19 pm

    If the ice-creams melted...that would set the icing on the irony cake.

  4. Ann, I am sure you empathy is appreciated, while you sip away on mint julep.

    Thanks for the name correction Victor. No surprise that you would know.

    Connex knows how to refrigerate ice creams Reuben, pity about the train thingy.

  5. If Brumby wants to get re-elected, all he has to do is take back our trains and kick Connex out of the country.
    I don't remember red rattlers being stopped in summer.

  6. No Jah Teh, back then you did not have air con on your trains either.Ah....there is some cause and effect thing happening here. Summed up by this. Every new train should be superior to the last model, in both comfort and reliability. I don't recall overcrowded red rattlers, do you? Comfort factor then zero. Reliability factor also zero.

  7. Taking a leaf out of his federal colleague's campaign, Teddy Bear Beaulieu's election slogan ought to be "Who do you trust with your Tri-ang Hornby?"

    OTOH, that didn't work so well second time around.

    (Ignore me Ted .. . 'twould be a wise move.)

  8. Andrew,

    Don't encourage Sedgwick. He can barely get his head through the average sized door as it is.

  9. LMAO...that ia all!

  10. He's a clever little dicky-bird, is Lord Sedgers.

  11. ha ha i even sang it as i read it, alas the song is stuck in my head now!!

    I don't remember summers past having such huge issues, then again old age may just be clouding my judgement.

  12. There was no overcrowding because when it was hot, we opened the doors and the overcrowds fell out.

  13. Hmmmm LS, not sure about that one.

    I know Brian, I know.

    Glad to amuse Cazzie.

    Some might say too clever by half Jayne, but I could not possibly comment.

    I don't recall it either Fenz. Perhaps we are just more informed by media.

    Glad you made some sense of my comment Jahteh. I can't. Recall the horrendous statistics of people falling out of open train doors? No, I can't either.

  14. "Some might say too clever by half ..."

    Spot on, Shirl.

    Indeed. the 'some' that say that would tax Connex's already overstretched capacity to handle enormous masses.

  15. And you couldn't just let it through to the keeper. You had to prove the point.

  16. 'zackly and you can't be at all disappointed :0)

    BTW pity you couldn't make it to Bendigo. Coppertop, you and me would have made quite a show doing the Zorba dance in our pink fluoro netball skirts.

    (Sadly the menage a trois had to replaced by a pas de deux.)

  17. "had to be replaced"

    (Not clever with me to be or not to be's)

  18. LS, your corrections are more annoying than any of the original post. Now how could I compete with you and Coppertop in pink fluoro? I can't do the, 'you put your left hip out....'.