Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Car Disappointments

The new car disappoints in some areas, mostly because it is the mid model Maxx Sport and not top of the line.

Old 626, foot well lighting, Lantra no, new 3 no.

Old 626, variable intermittent wipers, ditto Lantra, new 3 no.

Old 626, self locking doors when car turned on, ditto Lantra, new 3 no.

Old 626, economy air con option, Lantra no, new 3 no, but does come if climate control is selected as an option.

Old 626, proper spare wheel, ditto Lantra, new 3, a yellow wheelbarrow wheel as a spare.

Old 626, electric retractable radio aerial, ditto Lantra, new 3, screw it off the roof and stow it inside.

Old 626, take off seatbelt when entering home carpark and no problem, ditto Lantra, new 3 sends loud seatbelt off noise.

Old 626, average turning circle, Lantra, excellent turning circle, new 3, poor.

Some good things that the other two cars did not have, drink bottle/coffee cup holders everywhere. There is a period of time after turning the car that you can still put the driver's window up. A connection for an mp3 player. 6 stacker CD player. Do they work like an old juke box?

Having said that, we are very happy with the new motor.


  1. I can't afford a car. Just a pushbike. Not good in the middle of winter. Not good at any time of year really. Still, it hasn't got any windscreen wipers at all, so that's one less thing to worry about.

  2. Ah, but Brian, you have your marvellous trams to get about on. Pity only half the fleet has heating.

  3. I own two feet and one of those is dodgy.

  4. Andrew,

    I must keep using the half of the fleet that doesn't have heating. If we want to keep warm, all the passengers have to fart.

  5. I love cup holders. I love my Mazda because it has two in the front. One I use for my water, the other for my car park pass and mobile phone.
    Again, it gives me time after ignition is off to close my electric window, it is good.
    I have Creedence Clearwater Revival, PINK and..don't hold it against me, The Hilltop Hoods in the CD player right now. I do, however, choose to listen to the radio on my way home from work..I miss the NEWS at times when I am at work.

  6. Bet you could still pursue a bloke though Jahteh.

    It is a conspiracy against you Brian.

    I like Pink Cazzie. I get panicky if I don't hear news for a long time.
    What if the world had ended and I don't know about it.

  7. Look at it this way, should you wish to undertake a little spirited mountain road driving the Mazda3 just so happens to be one of the better handling and most capable FWD cars in its class, so that will always outshine the equipment list in my mind. The lack of variable intermittant wipers is interesting though. Seat belt warnings are an absoute irritant, hopwever their inclusion actually improves a cars ANCAP crash test rating, which is why everything has them now.

  8. Anonymous12:43 pm

    What about a motorbike for Mr. Hughes?

  9. This may come as a surprise to you, but I, Deb (you do know that's not my real name don't you??)used to sell cars. Yup, I was a car saleswoman. I tell you this now because as part of the training you learn the different types of buyers. Basic categories (in no particular order):
    1. Price
    2. Safety
    3. Performance
    4. Cup holders and compartments

    You can't please all of the people all of the time....

  10. Interesting about the crash rating Mutant. I had no idea, but given everyone in Australia buckles up, not much point.

    Variable intermittent wipers had us scratching our heads, but it is just not there.

    I believe driving front wheel drive is quite different to rear wheel. I only know how to do rear wheel hard and fast around corners. I push better than I pull!

    Reuben, a British Enfield would be most suitable for Brian.

    Kinda guessed about your name Deb. But you have forgotten the empathy. I have a gay brother/sister, should the clients be male, of a certain age, and clearly together.