Thursday, January 01, 2009

Little Jo on NYE and a fire in a very outer eastern suburb

Little Jo did not make it to midnight NYE. Even so, her grandmother reported to me that Little Jo's mother (hurricane) had descended upon her and that Little Jo looked tired and was grizzly. Last night she was the life of the party. Here she is offering offering Uncle R some semi consumed food.

Mother was not looking forward to NYE on her own, but would not go out. She was entertained by the house across the road from her place catching fire at 2am, many fire engines and police and this morning, detectives.

Now, who might have done something like that? What criminal type do I know who may have been in the area?


  1. Little Jo is not so little any more and well, she is a stunner! Happy New Year Andrew and R :)

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    I blame the staff at the Pakenham Subway who were clearly delirious when they served us; it would hardly surprise me if they were the culprits.

    Either that or the Pakenham-styled fireworks are...well...Pakenham styled.

    The closest thing I got to criminality was when me and Jayden gained illegal access to the RACV HQ lounge by way of clever acting, flirting and a pack of crisps.

  3. Nice to see you loaned Li'l Jo your costume from the 1972 Gay Mardi Gras.

    You're such a good uncle, Shirl.

  4. Terrifying how quickly they grow Cazzie. Wish her mother would start toilet training her.

    I recall that 'break in' Reuben, but I forgot that it was you.

    I was a bit trimmer back then LS.

  5. "Now, who might have done something like that?"

    I was going to suggest the knobheads who've moved into the house opposite mine, but they haven't got the intelligence to sit the right way round on a toilet let alone find their way to Australia.

  6. ... and they have been known put their incontinence nappies on back to front. (After having eventually realised that they weren't Xmas dinner party hats.)

  7. Anonymous1:48 pm

    When did she get so big? I'd rather like a dress like that, I think...

  8. We just blinked MD and she grew fast.

  9. Anonymous9:41 am

    Why do parents insist on dressing little girls in these tacky frilly dresses? Do they think they are dressing a Barbie doll........

    Preety in pink indeed.

  10. until I saw the comment above I was going to say:

    Jeepers she got into the Princess barbie phase quickly - that used to descend at about 5 years old (and for some women it just never goes away);
    now I have to add: Anonymous you are child-less obviously, as the little shits scream for those frocks which are freely available everywhere due to this demand.
    I blame the media obsession with celebrities - the children merely ape what they see all around them.
    The one things you MAY freelyblame on modern parents is this late-potty-training. WTF? it is everywhere. Firsly it's not ecological! I am furious to be denied a carrybag from the supermarket which I will subsequently use as a binliner, when HUGGIES are making landfill mountains everywhere in the world.

    anyhow, she's gorgeous and is lucky to have nice uncles.

  11. Anon, it was a special occasion and she only had it on a few minutes over the top of more practical clothes. With two non feminine Mums, I have no problem with this bit of tokenism by my sister.

    Funny you mention about late potty training Ann, because I reckon she is ready, but not until Feb Sister says. Since she can communicate that she needs changing, I reckon she is well and truly ready. Sister did start off with cloth nappies, but gave up after a month.