Saturday, November 08, 2008

This week's drag name #01

I will probably forget about it next week and there won't be a #02, but I heard one vaguely amusing one today, Concertina Bush. I think it is some sort of combo of Condy Rice and Bush and was uttered by a high achieving Australian indigenous person. Should there be more caps in the personal reference?

Just be glad I have stopped using the b, vowel, vowel, consonant, consonant word. That word certainly had an effect though, and I would never have used if I thought there was any chance any indigenous person would be reading, or would read my blog. I was probably wrong. Even foul mouthed Andy never goes that far.

Well known around Melbourne town are Magnolia Thunderpussy and Lucy Loosebox. Add some in the comments if you know of any.

Friday, November 07, 2008

That look

Oh dear, she has that look on her face.

London School of Economics staff explained to her why the world was in a global financial crisis. She asked 'If these things were so large, how come everyone missed them? Why did nobody notice it'?"

It was explained to her that, "at every stage, someone was relying on somebody else and everyone thought they were doing the right thing".

She relied, "Awful'. Got it one Liz.

Pic is courtesy Sydney Morning Herald. Now if you right click to save the picture, have a look to see what the title is. Not my work, that is how it was captioned. Off with their heads.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Transport Tenders

Advertisements on TV, letters to the newspapers, extra cleaning staff employed, staff transferred to more visible helping roles, caring for the environment signs erected, ticketing machines receiving extra mantainance. There must be a tender or two in the air, and of course there is. Both Connex Trains and Yarra Trams are tendering for contracts to run our trains and trams for the next fifteen years, but there is some stiff competition.

Of course they can't help a debacle like today, when many once a year train travellers, some influential types, catch trains to the Oaks Day horse racing and were massively inconvenienced by an overhead wiring failure resulting in no trains to get home.

The 'Erald Sun has the story here. Get a cab, was one suggestion from the Connex spokeswoman in her advice to her company's customers. Someone should slap the cow. You are on your own is what she should have said.

Naturally, I happy for Connex to wear all the blame, but if I was being fair, the State Government is equally if not more so to blame.

When I think of the resources for public transport that are thrown at the Grand Pricks motor car race, as against, taking it for granted that the trains will just work on racing utter disgrace.

Bring back the good old days when the worst thing that happened to the trains was a wait in the railway yards for a vacant platform at Flinders Street.

Connex disgrace.

Later update: Connex has accepted full responsibility for the incident. Well who else's fault might it be?

Out and about in St Kilda #11

I have no idea why this hair salon has these figures on its roof, but they have been there a long time. Recently two were stolen but then recovered after being dumped in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens. The roof is now alert, alarmed and cammed. I don't think the cropped sign says Hash and Luxury, but it is St Kilda after all, so who knows. Hint, they are much clearer if you click on them.


First for me. I have never listened to a politician's speech with tears in my eyes. How odd!

I fruitlessly searched for an interesting pic of Obama. He seems to have never taken his shirt off in public, although there does seem to be a faked pic of him around. I am not keen on goody two shoes types, especially those who lead us, so here is a picture to illustrate he is not perfect and open to a vice or two. Mind you, this pic could be faked too.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What Race?

I was on a tram on my way into town. I had my Walkman to listen to the big race that seems not to stop a nation. It was around 3pm. What are all those people doing staring up the big tv screen in Fed Square? By the time I was at Bourke Street, I thought I better switch the Walkman on. What??? The race was over.

That will learn me. The day before I was moaning on about how the race gets later and later each year. Not quite as late as I thought.

From what I saw while I was out and about, generally women's dress ups were pretty good on the day. What about the chicks who dress for the Melbourne Cup, but don't actually go, and just loll about town all day?

I cannot say the same about the dress standard on Derby Day, the previous Saturday. It is supposed to black and white, but this was widely ignored. Men and women alike looked disgraceful. I have since learnt that the name is the baby doll dress. Who on earth thought that putting the waist line of dress under the bust was a good look, should be shot. Unattractively vile!

Good to see some Asian and Indian heritage people attending in higher numbers this year.

Tomorrow is Oaks Day, and if my memory serves me well, it is all class when the lasses arrive and drunken slatterns when they leave. That is how it should be.

Then after a couple of weeks of rest, the preparations for christmas will start. Christmas goods will appear in shops, the tree will go up in the city square and retailers will talk of the doom and gloom of poor christmas sales.

Sunday Family Outing Part 2

After the Sunday lunch outing, we went back to my brain damaged brother's house to fix up his computer. Help G out, my mother asked. I thought it would be a quick catch up for lunch and then we would be home. Turned out to not be the case and we did not get home until 5pm.

Brother had big email problems. I logged onto his isp a few weeks ago and cleared some of his big and not so important emails, but his internet would still not work. He was talked into upgrading his service from dial up to broadband. On the face of it, a good idea.

But he was upgraded to mobile broadband, when what he is running at home is a static desk top pc. I puzzled over what he had been sent, a tiny modem, a SIM card, a couple of USB cords and some instructions about how to connect. I could not understand how broadband would work without a telephone connection. I refused to do anymore after I installed the program from the isp. The program was within the modem, with a disk for Mac users. To me, wireless broadband is that you have a receiver plugged into the phone line, and the receiver distributes the signal around your house. I should have taken note literally of the writing on the box. I could not understand how this thing dangling from from the back his pc could connect to the net without a phone line connection and I would not talk to the activation person who's number we were supposed to call. This stupid thing hanging from the back of the computer cannot connect to the internet without a phone connection and I am not making a fool of myself by talking to a call centre.

Brother called the call centre to activate the device but of course, somehow, I ended with the phone in my hand. I quickly pointed out that that it was not plugged into the phone line and would not work, and then the call centre bloke revealed to me, it uses the mobile phone network. that was the point where I felt slammed in the head for being so stupid. Brother's phone was in a different room to his computer, so after checking for permission, the call centre bloke called me back on my mobile and we set up the connection. I spent an hour on my mobile phone talking to this guy, attempting to sort out the connection.

Eventually he said he would pass it to a higher level person who would call back within twenty four hours. The problem was a lack of signal strength, and after looking at the service area map two days later, I can see why.

By his accent, the call centre person was in Manilla, and he was fantastic. Good English, nice bloke and laughed quite a bit. Of course he could be in Australia, but I could hear similar accents in the background.

But brother was sold a pup. Mobile wireless internet is inappropriate for his circumstances. He needs ADSL. He has a phone plug near his pc, the one that he used to use for dial up.

Of course I am going to have to go to his place again to set up phone line ADSL, so for the time being, I will let him suffer with his mobile internet. It is as fast as dial up anyway.

But wait, the afternoon was not over yet. My other brother turned up with his new girlfriend. We had not met her before and she seemed quite nice, in spite of her loud and husky voice.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dripping with excitement

I can't wait until I wake tomorrow morning and hear that, once again, a rich man as won the US Presidential election. Whether it is a hot looking black man or an old white one, probably won't make a huge difference to American lives.....except for this, and it depends on Obama winning and him behaving as he has seemed to indicate he will.

The decent people of the United States of America, that is the non god fearing types who don't always have their hand on their heart, will once again be able to hold their heads high among their fellow human beings around the world. No longer will you as a citizen of the USA have to humbly apologise for your leader and quickly indicate that you did not vote for him. You will no longer have to stick a maple leaf sticker on your backpack when travelling overseas.

The English might stop sneering, the French may not be so rude to you, the Germans will lower their voices, the Japanese may bow a little lower and the Chinese.........ah well, nothing will change there.

As for us in Australia? Well, we have made our own mistakes in the past along similar lines, so we understand. It is said that Australians are friendly. Expect a bit more friendliness and a lot more respect.

Now will it take weeks, months or years for disillusionment to set in?

The Tapping Man

The Tapping Man has received some publicity recently. Yesterday I was walking along the Block Arcade, and there he was, tapping on the window with his stick to attract the attention of passerbys to the shop.

The hand made Tapping man was originally put in a Swanston Street shop in the 1930s. Not only does he tap the window, his head swivels a bit as he does so. His restoration was paid for by the head of a mesothelioma causing company which moved offshore to attempt to avoid responsibility, so indirectly, I suppose some workers don't die in vain.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Law is an Ass

It was a bit of a family catch up for a Sunday lunch out. As well as babysitting Little Jo on Friday night when Sister and the Bone Doctor went to some Irish Australian footy match, we had the pleasure of seeing Little Jo a second time in three days.

I was somewhat disturbed to read in one of last weeks newspapers that the Bone Doctor has no legal right to make any decision on Little Jo's behalf. Should anything happen to Sister, then I would be the one to make the decisions.

This is being addressed by our lawmakers but the outcome is uncertain. It has already been sorted in most other Australian states. There is document Sister has organised that gives the Bone Doctor some rights, but this is most unsatisfactory situation. From the size of gay parents play groups which Little Jo occasionally attends, there are an awful lot of same sex parents out there and one of them has no right over their child.

Most unsatisfactory!!! My niece deserves better.

Keating: The Musical and The War

We had a couple of spare hours Saturday afternoon and took the time to watch Keating: The Musical on dvd. It was broadcast on ABC2 a little while ago and a friend recorded it for us.

Who would have thought a musical could be made about a former Prime Minister. It was a jolly good show and well worth our time and it is a show I would have liked to see on stage.

The production was by the very established and respected Belvoir Street Theatre, Surry Hills, Sydney. The theatre rose from the remains of the Nimrod Theatre in the eighties.

Mike McLeish, who played Keating, was just brilliant and looked very sexy in his first scene on the stage.

Speaking of Keating, the bitter old man is now trying to spoil people's fun by dissing what has become big business in Turkey. Many young and not so young Australians trek to the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey for our remembrance of war day, ANZAC Day. It makes Australians feel very patriotic and with a doubt, it is very moving.

I just thank someone that young Australians are now cynical enough to not be sent off to be picked off like sitting targets, so I have a lot of sympathy with the view Paul Keating expressed in a recent speech. Here is a clip from his speech.

The truth is that Gallipoli was shocking for us. Dragged into service by the imperial government in an ill conceived and poorly executed campaign, we were cut to ribbons and dispatched.

And none of it in the defence of Australia. Without seeking to simplify the then bonds of empire and the implicit sense of obligation, or to diminish the bravery of our own men, we still go on as though the nation was born again or even, was redeemed there. An utter and complete nonsense.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vote for me, or vote for them

What a dilemma! Normally I would vote for this bloke in the forthcoming council elections, well the party anyway. He is the Green candidate for the new Junction ward in City of Port Phillip. He is a very respected Greens Party member who has been around for a long time. Read about John Middleton here. I used to be inclined to never trust a man with a beard until Sedgwick came along. He firmed up my opinion. But still, I reckon John Middleton would do an excellent job on local council, and it would be nice to shut the already standing candidate Gross Dick up for a bit.
But things are a bit more complicated this election with an Unchain St Kilda candidate. Regardless of what they say, they are a single issue group, that is devoted to stopping the over development of the St Kilda triangle site. But I would also guess that they have pretty green leanings too. And, if they are against the triangle redevelopment, they will probably be keen to reign in the bastard VCAT. I would thoroughly approve of that. This is the Unchain St Kilda candidate, Anna Griffiths.As I am in a dilemma about who to vote for, I must focus on the important issues.

John is standing if front of a bit of boring green shrubbery, whereas Anna is front of the Blackie Ironmonger stand at Junction Oval. (Just realised Ann, you have been reading my blog since at least June 2006)

Anna has a good haircut and good hair colour. John has little hair.

Clearly neither of them use botox.

John is in a suit, but Anna is wearing a smart jacket. Both are wearing Melbourne black, so nothing there to pick from.

But I not against John. He has an open friendly smile, whereas Anna's looks a bit too superior.

John attempts to hide his poor vision with almost un-noticeable spectales, whereas Anna makes a statement with hers.

Divided left votes can be very helpful to sitting status quo incumbents, so come on folks, help me out here. Who should I vote for?

I am not going to do the research, but I seem to recall, an old sitting St Kilda council was rolled by a protest group coalition in the eighties, and someone with an heavy arts background, Mary Lou Jellbart, ended up as mayor.