Friday, September 05, 2008

Girl Gee Gee

We have had Premier Carmen Lawrence in Western Australia, although not elected. We have had Premier Joan Kirner in Victoria, again not elected. We have Anna Bligh in Queensland, but she was not elected either, as yet. Then there was Northern Territory's Chief Minister, Clare Martin and she seems to be the sole female head of a state or territory who has been elected.

Now we have a Governor General, the Queen's representative in Australia, who is a woman, but then she was not elected either, rather appointed. That's they way things go when you deal with royalty.

So welcome to the new job Ms Quentin Bryce. Lucky it is not a taxing job and being a woman, you will be quite good at opening fetes and chatting to school children. I think the days where you might have to sack a Prime Minister have passed, so long as our Kev can stay out of strip clubs.

We have some fine example of female politicians around the world, such as Maggie Thatcher. She may be a little doolally now, but we won't forget her kindly and caring disposition. Then there were all those other ones, such as Golda Mier, Indira Ghandi, Benazir Bhutto all peace makers and all turned their coutries around. The results are there for all to see. You just need to look in the right place.

Of course, who in Australia could not have heard of Sarah Palin, running mate for the Republican Party in the US? According to a US vox pops last night, oddly many Americans haven't seemed to have heard of her.

When Barak was put foward, I thought he might make the upcoming US elections a bit more interesting and add a bit of colour. But the Republican Party has wiped camera lens with colour. Do you think it will be days or weeks before the shooting star Sarah Palin explodes and then falls to earth dead?

Psst, just off the ticker tape, NSW may well have a female Premier in the near future.......again unelected.

Now I get it, male pollies pop a female into leadership roles when the party is on the nose with voters.

If you want my mysoginistic opinion, women, don't put up with this crap treatment.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Maniac Driver

It doesn't happen so often now, but today was just one of those days where I came across two maniac drivers. Once was when I was coming home from work for lunch and the other when returning to work. Both were so similar, it was uncanny.

Both drivers came up behind me very fast, swung hard to the left lane and around me and then squeezed in front of me and then shot across three lanes and continued on in a similar vein, forcing a gap where they could to get ahead.

The only difference was one was very unsuccessful as he kept getting stopped by the same traffic lights I was stopping at. The other did better, and sadly I cannot report that I found him pulled over by the cops up ahead.

If ever the State Government could so something to improve its image, getting cops out on the street and visible would be one major coup.

In a residential street in England, I saw two cops walking side by side along a residential street, patrolling presumably. Has anyone seen this in an Australian street? I am out and about a lot, and I so rarely see cops walking along a street.

Nothing deters fast and overtly aggressive driving more than seeing police cars on the road. I would assume the same goes for police on the street.

Inner city driving has now almost become a free for all. People think nothing of disrupting the traffic flow to make a 'U' turn, that they clearly don't have time or space to do without stopping other traffic. Obeying road laws is very optional.

We may be able to cope with the existing level of street crime and wilful bad and just plain stupid driving, but where are we going if we continue with this increasingly lawless society?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Falling Interest Rate

For some odd reason while interest rates are dropping, Wizard Home Loans has put up the interest rate charged on one of their credit cards for new customers. How odd!

The home loan interest rate has generally fallen by 25 basis points, or 25 points, or .25 per cent, or .25 of a per cent, or .25 of one per cent, or a quarter of one per cent.

Would it be so hard for some consistency with the way interest rate is expressed? Doesn't the word point that precedes the number indicate it is a fraction?

I think my non economist like brain can cope with a quarter per cent drop. Ok, .25 per cent drop if you are of an intellectual nature and want to sound posh but for mine, I like a bit of vulgarity about my fractions. Common as muck is me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Luv her to bits.

It was cold. It was windy. When the wind was blowing towards her, she pulled funny faces. We had taken her to the local park in Murrumbeena. She can now walk, but she falls down a lot when she is tired. She sleeps better. She has a good appetite although happily shares her food with the cat. She has a vocabulary of several words, her favourite expression being 'What's that?'. Although mostly very active, she will sit for a while and look at and turn the pages of a book.

Sister's football team is playing on Friday night, and as a club member, she simply must go and the Bone Doctor could be tied up doing some heavy work with a circular saw and a drill, so the gay uncles will take Little Jo into care for the evening.

We have it sussed out now. Play, food, play, bath, sleep.

Gustav, let us all pray our thanks

Hurricane Gustav caused minimal damage in New Orleans without loss of life. We should all fall to our knees and pray with gratitude. What a media fuss it has all been and pretty well burnt out to nothing. How relevant to us in Australia has the saturation (inundation?) coverage been?

But the hurricane didn't just for form off the US coast. It crossed Dominica Republic, Haiti and Jamaica with a loss of life of eighty people.

In Cuba 100,000 homes and 372 schools were badly damaged or destroyed, 3400 warehouses destroyed, power supplies extensively damaged and tobacco crops destroyed.

I guessed this may have been the case and I had to search the net to find any details. It certainly hasn't been mentioned in our media to my knowledge, with the exception of The Australian newspaper.

Of course they are poorish people, or black, or socialists. Who cares!

Monday, September 01, 2008


I could do some research perhaps and find out, but it is not that important, just a vague curiosity and I think one of my readers will know the answer? I spied an old sign off a street I am prone to walk down. The first reader who says, why don't you use the more convenient back entrance of Dan Murphys will get a slap.

The street is Chatham Street and it runs from Chapel Street, past the big car park, to Izett Street. There is a lane immediately to the west of Chapel Street that heads south ward towards Greville Street. Down the lane can be seen the sign as you see it here.

I would guess the hotel faced Greville Street or was on the corner of Greville and Chapel Street and the hotel sign in the lane was just left over signwriter's paint, although I can imagine the lane may have been different in the past.

Anyone recall the hotel?

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tech bamboozled old man

Apparently my attitude was poor yesterday when we went looking for a new car. It was also poor when we went looking for a new tv and digital recorder for someone's bedroom.

Of course it is never my fault, just a communication problem. But we may well have missed a bargain in the Harvey Norman store in Moorabbin. My brain had become tired and overloaded and I was mixing my electonic brake force distrubution with my mega hertz resolutions. After checking in the city today, we realised how poor the selection and bargains are at the HN city store. Add to that, having to return home and get the car and worry about where to park and pick up, we again set off for Moorabbin.

R bought a nice 32"/81cm high definition Samsung LCD tv for his bedroom. His very old 14" CRT tv was showing a bright blue flare on the screen when he turned if off. Most alarming.

He also bought a Topfield personal digital video recorder and a shockingly expensive HDMI cable to connect the tv to the pvr. Why is it not included? What else are you going to connect it to? For some reason, we are also in possession of some other cables which cost $35 and I have no idea what they do. As my mouth got me into trouble yesterday, I stayed schtum.

First thing was to get the tv to work. Not so hard. In the past I used to manually tune a tv but realised once we bought a digital, it is best to do the auto thing and let it sort itself out.

It started to scan for tv channels when I realised that I had not plugged the aerial in. Check the manual on how to restart it and success. Then connect the vcr and scan analogue channels again to pick up the vcr. Then realise that R won't need the vcr anymore, but at least I had it working.

It was by then six o'clock and eating into my drinkies time. Take a break and some refreshment and establish what time pasta sauce that has been simmering off and on all day will be ready for serving with the finest supermarket pasta.

Just enough time to try to connect the pvr. Plug everthing in and it doesn't work. No picture. The manual advises a button to press and of course I did, still nothing. Manual goes on to advise connecting with conventional cables and sort your HDMI then. I am not so sure. My head has had enough and I am hungry and I will leave it for tomorrow.

Huh, people used to ask me to sort out their new vcr/tv connection set up and problems, and I could.

Now I am just an old man who has been overtaken by technology.

Update: The highrise: 09.30am: Found the problem. It was an issue with remote control, that is a problem at the non sending end of the unit. I believe it is called operator error.