Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Those Photos

I was half thinking of writing a post about the 'scandal', but why rephrase what Ren says here. She has nailed it so far as I am concerned. With just the proviso, that I would not want my daughter posing, but I am oldish and out of touch with young people. Many are so terribly clever and worldly compared to myself and others my age when I was a teen. I guess it would not be for all to pose naked, just as it wouldn't be for adults.

The way the hysteria has grown, well, the over reaction could possibly damage anyone.

Now, what am I going to do about the photos I have on the pc of Little Jo in the bath? Suppose there must an age cut off. Someone explain to me what is right and wrong please?

It could only be o/s readers who don't know what I am talking about. Here is a link but for all the info, search for Bill Henson. There could well be a photo of his in a gallery near you.

Green workplace

I have written about my work place's effort to be green before. While there are some water savings, I would suggest it has generally been a miserable failure. This is because it is not controlled by anyone. Things are put in place by contractors at the whim of someone.

Waterless urinals stink, and so no one is using them and instead using individual toilets, although some must use them or they wouldn't stink. The individual toilets use far more water than the old urinal would. They have half and full flush buttons, but they are not maintained. They all full flush.

The hot water unit had to moved to put in a safe working stair case for roof access. Flow restrictors and aerators were added to the hand basins. Result, no hot water at basins unless you wait more than three minutes of running water. Even then, it is only tepid.

Recycling bins. There is a metal/glass recycling bin and an office paper bin. These are together in a often walked past area, but there is no general rubbish bin nearby. You can guess what happens. For people to use recycling bins, there must always be a general rubbish bin too, or the recycling bin will be so badly contaminated, it is pointless. Idiots.

Of course where most of the rubbish is generated, the staff eating room, there is only a general rubbish bin. Bottles, cans, newspapers, food scraps all go in the general bins.

Tanks. We have them with pumps. So poorly planned. Less than half the roof catchment is utilised. One 20,000 litre tank empties from full in two weeks and reverts to mains water while others never drop below 3/4 full.

I am not qualified to criticise plumbers, but if tanks need an overflow, isn't it possible that as much water needs to flow out of a tank as can flow in. Why have a huge inlet pipe and an overflow pipe half the size? The result of course is water just floods out of the tank in a heavy downpour once the tank is full.

Quite exasperating really. I wish I could care more.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Zone Out

An unfinished post that has been hanging around for a couple of weeks and after several tries at fixing it, I am just publishing and be damned.

Sorry, forget who's blog it was, but I was reading someone's blog a week or so ago, and there was a mention of zoning out. I am a schocker for this. I tend to call it drifting off and drift off I certainly do.

Actually, since I have become more conscious of doing it, I have noticed other people doing it, sometimes even to me, witty and entertaining as I am.

While sometimes it can be because a person is very, very boring or the subject matter is, it seems to more a fault of the person who drifts off. Low attention span? Yep, that is me. Someone could be telling me about how the world will end tomorrow, and if he/she started 'going on' a bit, 'hmmmm, damn, I meant to buy some soap the other day' and other such miscellaneous thoughts will enter my head and push to the fore.

Religiously I watch the tv weather forecast every night, and religiously I drift off while he/she tells us what the weather was today. I tune back in just the news is wrapping up and have to ask R, or wait for a later bulletin. I am ok with the short forecasts.

It is just another reason why I am not keen on parties. I may be talking to someone, but then hear a snippet of someone else's chat. Oh, that sounds more interesting and I find myself losing attention on the conversation at hand. Oddly, once I have a couple of drinks, I am fine and not so easily distracted.

I wonder if it is related to me not being able to talk on a phone and drive at the same? In this case, it is because I am focusing very hard on the driving task?

I am not even great at talking with someone while I am driving. When R, his sis and bro in law and I were driving from Potts Point in Sydney to the Blue Mountains, only the third time over thirty years that I had driven in Sydney, I made everyone shut up until we were on the open freeway with no signs to look out for.

So when I really have to concentrate, I really need a lack of any distraction.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

O/S trip update

There is a enough to do in Singapore. I have yet to look up a gay bar, in spite of urging from friends. We don't really do bars nowadays. Maybe we will make the effort. For the rest, we have decided to rely on the tour desk at the hotel. I clipped a couple of pertinent pages from last months RACV journal.

I have carefully checked the hop on hop off tourist buses in London, there are only two, and they will occupy a day or more. I forget which day, but we are booked to go on the Chunnel train to Paris for some ambience, lunch inside the Eiffel Tower, and a river cruise. We will see the outside of some notable places. At one point I will call out, the bells Quasimodo, the bells. I am smoking a Sobranie as I write with a short black at hand.

It was my idea to catch the train from London to Newcastle. I had visions of travelling on the steam powered Flying Scotsman. I guess the train will be full of poor people and backpackers. Who catches trains in England? R's family never do, and they are basic as.

R's sister has booked us a trip to Amsterdam by ferry, three nights I think.

A visit to to the famous Brian down Fleetwood way could be on the cards but it has not been pre booked.

Nephew seems to have insufficient money to make his trip to Glasgow and therefore us to visit him, but we may take a trip in that direction regardless.

Hopefully we can wrap up the all the family stuff in the first week and then just appreciate where we are and then explore.

Traveller's tip: If your crappy bank is like mine, they will charge you to buy some foreign currency. Each currency, a separate charge. ANZ, $8 per currency for a faithful customer. For anyone else, $8. We have SG$130, which should go a long way, £200, which will disappear in five minutes, and €30, which might be enough for a cup of coffee in Paris, but I am sure we will spend what is left in Amsterdam on a nice biscuit in a cafe.

Oh yeah, the tip. Australia Post do not charge for foreign currency, order one day, collect the next. Check the exchange rate though. I ended up buying at the bank, because the bank exchange rate was better, but checking later, I would have saved money buying at the PO.

Just one of many mistakes made in booking our trip. But we have had some wins too.

Counting down now, a week at this time, we will just be in Singapore. We are frafully busy so don't expect much in the way of blog posts. I would say I am a state of mild panic.

Next Saturday night, our last night, we will dine at the Dick Whittington pub in Chapel Street, with all the folk we can muster, all our friends including the brother friends who will be back from Thailand, but not the ex NT pollie/policeman and his Fijian Indian b/f as they are in Canada cruising. To people I know well via my blog, I dare you to turn up. I am not as bad as I sound in my blog. (Shut up Vik)