Saturday, January 12, 2008

XXX Post - Be warned

R has been on holidays since christmas. He returns to work next week. I have barely had to lift a finger around the highrise. Luxury.

There will come a time in the future when he retires from full time work and perhaps will be home all day, every day. Well, he hopes not and nor do I. He will find something meaningful outside the highrise to occupy himself. And I like my time alone at home when he is a work and I really don't like the idea of him always being at home when I am at home. I needs a bit of space for more than one reason, but here is one.

Masturbation is a word I don't like. Just the word mind you. It sounds like a chronic condition and a long drawn out process. I think the phrase 'jerk off' comes from the US. I prefer that although 'tossing off' is not bad either. It is just relieving yourself, kind of. I believe all we men have done it. Some of us do it often. Someone has not been able to much of late. My days of being constantly aroused and having to do it in bed or sneak a quick one in the bathroom has passed, thank god.

But, like so many men, sex is at the fore of my brain. With R at home everyday, my opportunities for jerking off are limited. The internet and computer, aka the pornography instant gratification machine, plays a part in my life and I still have a strong drive. But I don't want to be rooting all over town, as I may have a bit in my younger days. It is boring, dissatisfying, shallow and hard work at times, not to mention that I don't like being unfaithful, but at times I just could not help myself.

I have learnt that I can control this by a quick jerk off. I have stopped myself going into chat rooms and looking at hook up sites. A quick jerk off at the computer and the desire/problem goes away for a while. So which bloke is going to tell me that they are always faithful to their partner and/or never jerk off? Liar!!!

Sex is natural and so is blokes jerking off. Women can probably never understand how driven we can be by the need for sex, or a substitute. Btw, my friend count on Xtube is now 406.

And no, all the keys on my keyboard work perfectly well thank you.

Bay Dredging

Dredging (blasting away rocks underwater is a bit more than just dredging surely?) Victoria's Port Phillip Bay to allow in larger ships is something that one may or one may not approve of. I don't feel too passionately about it, although I don't think it is necessary and is being done solely for the benefit of private company profits. I am fairly sure that the bay will recover from the assault and the disturbance. If it was not done, there is a risk that large ships will use other ports and Victoria will not continue to have Australia's major port.

What I do feel passionately about is the dredging of the mouth of the Yarra River to allow the large ships to get to the docks. The bed of the Yarra is full of toxic nasties that we have dumped or allowed to accumulate over very many years. All these nasties will get stirred up but perhaps it will be worth it as they will be removed.

Ok, all this could be argued about by proponents and opponents. What cannot be argued about is that these toxic nasties are to be dumped in the middle of the bay. Authorities have admitted that it is purely a cost saving measure. It is cheaper to dump than treat, not that we can treat anyway.

Removing Cadmium, Mercury, Zinc, Lead, Arsenic and Ammonia from the bed of the Yarra must be good but dumping it in the middle of the bay surely is not good. Will we ever learn to stop wantonly abusing our environment? It always turns around and bites us on the bum.

Blue Wedges is fighting hard against the whole project.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hot Beach

For me, beaches are for walking along and observing nature, in its various forms. I am not keen on swimming in salty water and getting all sticky, carting sand home in ones clothing, flies, burning sun and sunburn. I could go on.

Bit unusual I guess because we were very much beach kids as we grew up.

R likes the beach a bit more than do I. Yesterday he chastised himself for being silly enough to go to the beach on a stinking hot day where he could have stayed home in the cool, but to the beach he went on the tram.

The tram was packed and he had an uncomfortable journey and then once at the beach, burnt his feet. It was very hot on the sand, but delicious in the water. He commented on the way young people on the tram were swearing. R is known to use ripe language, unlike the virtuous moi, but he was astonished by how open and blatant they were, not caring who was hearing them.

Once on the fairly crowded beach, he found a place to spread his towel near some other towels whose owners were absent. When the owners returned, he was even more appalled at the way they were swearing and the obnoxious conversation. He picked up his towel and moved to another spot only to have more kids near him swearing away.

Swearing should be saved for appropriate occasions, like when you hurt yourself or you wish to insult someone.

Sometimes I just feel so out of touch.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A few hours out

I like to do stuffs on my day off and as R is on hols, I dragged him into town to see an exhibition at the State Library. It was an excellent photographic exhibition called Victorians on Vacation. It is free to view and takes perhaps a minimum of half an hour to see. You could easily spend much longer. It has come in for criticism for using the word vacation rather than holiday, but it does sort of run better.

I had heard of Cookie bar but I never ventured in. It was noon and we were thirsty so we climbed the stairs of Curtin House and got prime seats in a balcony. The weather was glorious and we sat there looking down on Swanston Street. But after a couple of Asahis we were feeling peckish. We did not want to eat there as we had already spent $28 between us on two beers each.

Just as an aside, I was last in Curtin house about twenty five years ago when a gay exercise/aerobic was started up. It was called Discocising. I only went twice. I think it was on the third floor where the is now another bar and cabaret venue. Also there is a rooftop bar and rooftop open air evening cinema and Friday nights there is some sort of clothing fashion market.

We went down to Fed Square to I think Cafe Chinotto and had some dips, breads and hot chips along with coffee and did more gazing around. We were entertained by the fire busker with his chest pressed on a bed of nails. Kinky!

I reckon if I visited Melbourne as a tourist, I would like it very much and want to return.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MGS Library

Melbourne Grammar School has built a new library it would seem. Next week when I arise for work at 4.30 in the morning to go to work at my crap job, do you think I will be a little bit bitter that a tiny portion of one cent of the tax I pay has gone towards building this library for the rich and privileged?

The positive is that at least they spent the money well. It is a very nice building. At some point in the evening the light falls on one angle of the brickwork and not the other. Stunning. You can use your imagination how that works in the third and fourth picture. See the outdoor concrete bench seats behind the car in the first pic? They are underlit. The building is just as nice from the other side, from what you can see from Domain Road.

Wish when I was young that I was a privileged kiddie.

PS The brickwork is beautiful. How come it is not used more often in buildings?

PSS Sorry Rosanna. I did not get around to dissing private schools until you returned.

The Sandwich

The sandwich is precious to us Aussies and most of the Western world. A filling in between bread, and I will include a bread roll here too, is a marvellous snack or lunch. It is best you make it at home, but that is not always possible and really, if you are anything like me, my home made sandwich does not compare well to a bought one in presentation, although I know my content of said sandwich is ok.

R and I went not too far today, to a local caf, Bowen Deli, no relation I believe to THE Bowen, in the TAB headquarters building in Bowen Lane. It is Asian owned and we had a roast pork sandwich with crackling and a nice sauce and coffee for $7.20 each.

R, who knows about such matters, said it would cost over $10 in a major shopping centre. He cited a case of a very petite lass he knows who likes to have a salad roll in a major shopping centre and it is absolutely huge and that is just how it is. No options for anything smaller. She can only eat half of it and always leaves the rest on her plate. It costs her about $9.50.

This seems to be the way the world is going. It is getting harder and harder to get a simple sandwich in cafes. Of course I know why. They make it bigger and more elaborate and charge a lot more, except it does not cost them much more to make it like that. They have to make money to survive.

I am not really advocating a return to the picnic style sandwich with the grandparents where a tin of ham was opened with a most wonderful key (there was often blood involved with the use of the key) and a slab of 'processed' ham put between two slices of buttered bread with some hot English mustard spread on each slice.

Somewhere in between would be nice. Place you basic bought sandwich location tips in comments, siv you plate. So far as I can see, none are available within the central area of Melbourne city.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Tight Security

Security can be quite tight at Station Pier when a cruise liner comes in and docks.

When the owner of this car returns to finds a ticket and it barricaded in, I expect he or she will use an almost three word expression with each word starting with the letters of his or her numberplate.

Highriser approves of his parking. Another $100 plus in the coffers of City of Port Phillip. Keep it up you all and my council rates will drop.


Below is a snip from The Age. I am not keen on Docklands. To me it lacks soul, feels artificial and just does not work. Clearly from the article below, others feel there are problems too.

DOCKLANDS, the largest urban renewal project in Australia's history, must change dramatically if it is to cope with rapid growth and integrate properly into the CBD, Melbourne City Council says.

In its first major blueprint for Docklands, the council has laid out changes it believes are needed over the next three years if the district is to thrive.

So it isn't thriving then?

But not everyone feels like that. I can't remember where I saved this below from but developers and agents must do what they do, that is talk it up.

"I think the Docklands is really starting to hit its stride," Mirvac sales manager Tom Ormerod said yesterday. "The place has evolved a heck of a lot.

"There's far more certainty about the amenities that are going in down there. It's given people the sort of lifestyle choices that they probably haven't previously had. The place is coming to fruition, essentially."

Nekid Woman

I have mentioned these neighbours before, but just to reiterate, he is a closet gay and she was described by our ex building manager's wife as walking like she had a broomstick stuck up her ???

She is a handsome woman of a slim build and probably around sixty years old. Ex ballet dancer, I think. She takes to her bed early in the evening. I know because we have a direct view into their apartment. Oddly, her bed head is placed under a window. She reads and watches tv in bed but the lights go out early, while her husband probably chats to like minded married gays on the internet.

It was killer hot last night and it is clear that they do not have air conditioning. I was on the balcony, checking that it was still hot, and looked down and there she was, lying naked on her bed. I could not help but see her. Her breasts were just sitting there and it quickly became clear to me that she does not believe in a Brazilian wax.

I came in and told R. He did not rush out to have a look.