Monday, December 01, 2008

You have voted

Well, a new Lord Mayor for Melbourne by the name of Robert Doyle. More on him in following days.

I can't believe what has happened in my town, City of Port Phillip. The results are not official yet, however, it seems that there is only two sitting councillors left, ex mayor Janet Bolitho in the ward of Sandridge, that is the Port Melbourne area and Judith Kleppner in the uncontested ward of Albert Park.

Unchain St Kilda got a member up in the St Kilda area ward of Catani and another in Ormond who clobbered Mayor Janet Cribbes.

Junction ward got a Greens Party member up and defeated the way too high profile Dick Gross. Well done Mr John Middleton.

Btw, there was an error in a previous post. I am not in the new Junction ward. For some odd reason, most of St Kilda Road was put in the new ward, except for a small section which was kept in Emerald Hill. Also, remember one of the candidates I featured, Anna Griffiths. I have since found out that she is actor Rachel Griffith's mother. I like Rachel's politics.

In my own ward of Emerald Hill, my duplicitous member Peter Logan was knocked off by an ex City of South Melbourne mayor Frank O'Connor, who I don't know a lot about, although the owners corporation of the building has had some contact with him and he made some positive noises, but then don't they all. I suspect he might be a bit of a Tory and very pro business.

We live in interesting times.


  1. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Robert Doyle was the worst choice they could have made. Who in their right mind would want to increase traffic jams in Swanston Street?

    Also, telling buskers to 'sod off' isn't what I call a productive waste of time; it's just a waste of time.

  2. I will comment on this.

  3. For an experienced politician, I was a bit surprised at Doyle's wishes. But remember, he is an experienced politician.

  4. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Allow traffic back onto Swanston St? Get rid of "bad" buskers? I don't like the sound of this already.

  5. Waddling Brad Matheson was Mayor of Hobsons Bay and president of the Municipal Association. His nemesis was Big Boy Tony Briffa, head of 'Hobsons Bay Community First' who'd changed from a woman into a m-a-a-an. Their battle was waged in the local 'newspapers' here which have three pages of news (Bicycle Stolen!)and forty pages of grinning estate agents. Eventually, using FICTITIOUS NAMES and addresses Waddling Brad began writing letters in praise of himself to these newspapers and also to the ELECTORAL COMMISION supporting his ideas for change. What an idiot. When BIG BOY TONY BRIFFA sniffed something funny about all this WADDLING BRAD mentioned 'in passing' that BIG BOY was a woman changed into a ma-a-a-an! How despicable. And golly did he cop it then! And so Brad, covered in shit was forced to resign from the council -and also from the venerable MUNICIPAL ASSOCIATION. What a shame, and he's a lawyer too. Meanwhile it looks like Big Boy has got himself elected.
    Well darlings the day local councils ever put the good of residents above that of local business I'll be very surprised. The fact is once they realise they'll never make it into state parliment they give up anyway. They are a circus. Really.

    An embarrassment.

  6. A good result then. I have met Tony but I didn't know he was running. I just checked results and he received an amazing primary vote.

  7. Tony Briffa is a sincere hard worker who deserved to win in every way.
    Justice can triumph.

  8. The only way you usually get rid of these seat-warmers is when they resign. Several didn't stand for re-election, but Peter Hemphill and ANGELA ALTAIR did, and are back again. OH!- WHAT JOY!!! Hemphill is the most unintelligent looking bloke I've ever seen in my life, and there was actually a local newspaper edition this year which DIDN'T have a photo of Angela Altair in it.

  9. I would vote for anyone who gave birth to someone as hot as Rachel Griffiths.


  10. Yeah Andy, if I was inclined to chickie babes, she would be high on my list.

  11. Add to that Rachel does nude/topless scenes.


  12. Heard Dicky Gross on 774 yesterday and he was a teeny, tiny, wee bit miffed at the voters not re-electing him.
    So sad *snigger*

  13. Rachel's mother does auditions for her Andy. Good luck.

    Except he did not say Jayne, 'After all I have done.......' But it was there all the same.