Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tim Holding

I watch Timmy with interest as he seems to be the only snoggable member of our state parliament, if you look at the members from a gay perspective. At least he has a vague idea of how to do something with his hair. Googling him brought up precious little, except that he is very devoted to politics. Do I hear the word subjugate? Is my fetish for Timmy recent?

A search won't bring up my first picture post of him, but I see one I wrote one early this year. Ah, just came across, Raelene, Where the Wild Thoughts Are, back in 2004? I can't remember what you wrote, but I sounded complimentary.

Back to Timmy. In my search, I came across this story from the papers, back in 2005. To save you the tedious read, here is a snip.

In interviews, Holding seems every bit the professional politician: intense, polished, articulate, guarded. Ask him about his working life, and his answers are sharp, peppered with references to Labor Party values and the passion he holds for his job. Personal questions are met with a stiff awkwardness.

"I take the view that in public life, people aren't interested in your private life. I've tried to avoid getting out there and telling the Tim Holding story because I don't think people are really that interested. I think they're interested in the substance: what are you going to do and why," he says.

Actually Tim, I am interested but you hold your cards very close to your chest.

I have heard no rumours, not a whisper, so I reckon Tim is not gay, just married to the job. Believe me?


  1. Anonymous11:29 am

    Do you think there are a number of closet gay guys (possibly closet to themselves) who marry their job in order to never face their truth? Possibly this guy?

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    He might be gay, but that doesn't stop him from texting vociferously in Question Time as I saw him on Tuesday. Though perhaps we was texting to a (secret) boyfriend.

  3. Don't remember what you wrote on my old blog, but I do agree that he is snoggable, even if he bats for your team and not mine :)

  4. I suspect young Timmeh may have Asperger's syndrome - no one can be that pedantic about grammar,spelling,etc, as to ignore an email warning him about police file leaks just to return to sender to correct the mistakes without having read the email itself.
    Or he's an airhead and you're welcome to him, Andrew :P

  5. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Only if he's an airhead Jayne? Perhaps Andrew likes smart blokes.

  6. I'd worry if Andrew was likin' him for deep and meaningful conversations to cure the world's woes, Reuben :P

  7. Can't say I have really come across any TDW. I know some gays who put so much into work, they have no time for life outside or for relationships. You could be on the mark about Tim.

    Jury is still out on that one Raelene, truly.

    Nothing wrong with an airhead for a quickie Jayne. I don't believe about not reading it anyway.

    Yep, Reuben, Jayne is right. His bedroom talk would sound like a press release.