Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Target 155

Our state government has suggested that we limit ourselves to 155 litres of water per day per person. We come in under that, just, but then we don't have a garden to water. I felt guilty when I read Daniel's post, but then it is not really apples and oranges. We are two people here all the time.

Our consumption is around 295 litres per day, so that is 148 litres per day each.

The dishwasher is used almost daily but it uses very little water, far less than any other model we have had. It is nearly always full, but if not, I will put in perhaps some glasses from the auto trolley that are getting dusty or bits of the range hood.

Our washing machine is a top loading model, three years old, so not good to change for water saving reasons if other environmental matters are taken into account. Perhaps six loads of washing a week.

R showers twice a day, I would average 1.5 times a day over a week. They are rarely long showers, usually less than three minutes. We have tried water saving shower heads of many varieties and hate them. We have tried flow restrictors and hate them also.

Where we really go wrong is no fault of ours. Ten litres of run off before hot water arrives at the tap.

We don't use hot water for handwashing. It is such a waste of water and time waiting.

But say four showers, twice hot water at the sink is sixty litres, or thirty each. Make it forty as we might once a day each want hot water at the bathroom basin. Subtract that from 147 litres and we are down to 107. With water saving showerheads, we could perhaps knock it down to one hundred, but I ain't doing that.

I grew up in the country where we often lacked water and bathed in a couple of inches of muddy water and you would have a complimentary tadpole in your glass of water. I didn't expect to almost live in the city proper of Melbourne in 2008 but if I had imagined it, I am sure I would have expected plentiful water.


  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Your last sentence sums up the whole problem nicely. Despite being one of, if not the, driest countries in the world, we Aussies used water like it was a never-ending resource. We always expected plentiful water in a land prone to water shortage and drought. And now there's a price to pay for a severe lack of foresight and poor town-planning. Building new dams isn't going to solve the problem. It has to be accepted that water is a finite resource that must be used wisely - and that does include reducing water usage. Many people in the world survive on much less that 155 litres a day. Vik.

  2. Anonymous11:34 pm

    On the topic of politics, I was at parliament today (with a mate...we just spontaneously wandered in) and they were debating the desalination plan. John Brumby lashed back about jobs and Ted Bailleu was incensed. However, he is now the new messiah on account of his niceness (he shook my hand).

    Also, the water minister - Tim Holding - likes to SMS during question time. Hardly surprising, given the policy announcements coming out of his department.

  3. Hope you thoroughly scrubbed yourself afterwards, Reuben (using less than 155 litres) :P

  4. Your ration bucket awaits you Vik. I can't get past how poorly we were prepared for such a strange event in Australia, a drought.

    Yes Reuben, those upper class types can be very charming. I simply must google Tim Holding and find out more personal stuff about him.

    Reuben is not washing his hand of the Tory germs for a week Jayne.

  5. Anonymous4:19 pm

    He has an impeccable jacket.

  6. Further confirmation Reuben. I am on to it.

  7. Anonymous9:01 am

    Make a report soon.