Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor Ben

This is a very local post. But poor Ben, Ben Cousins that is. Dearest blogger of the past, the lovely Rosanna said about him the last time I mentioned him, that he is so gorgeous, that she could just eat him up. Nice way of expressing it really. I could make a meal of him for sure. He is a hot guy.

For one moment, I will stick my old cynical persona on the shelf and believe.

The lad, footy player Ben, used to like to indulge in some mood altering substances. Who am I to criticise?

No football team will pick him up to play.......well, he is 30, and not exactly at his prime.

He has gone through drug rehab and has come out now as a clean and yet commercial interests dominate. Advertisers think he is risky. Not prepared to support a footy team who takes him on.

This is a massive rejection for someone who has worked hard to kick his vices. If he goes back to drug use, or even worse is not inconceivable, point the finger firmly at the AFL and the football teams' management.

But what may keep him going is he has been making a a doco for tv on his rehab that will rate its socks off.

Late rumour. He may be signed up by Richmond.


  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    If it's a GOOD doco, not something put together by channel 7 or 9 merely for high ratings (as I say it I realise that it will most likely be that), then it should be interesting. For the love of God Cousins, I hope it is with SBS or ABC, but judging by his clothing and stuff I doubt it.

    It's an interesting question that I think really needs to be looked into, whether or not the AFL should eff him off for being a druggo, or whether they should have supported him. Mind if I use it for a post discussion? I'll link you.

  2. It will be populist I am sure TDW. It will go up for sale to probably whoever bids the highest, so pretty unlikely to be ABC or SBS.

    I am not sure how much the AFL or his old club supported him, so therefore it follows that they didn't or did not want to be seen to.

    Feel free of course.

  3. Anonymous2:38 pm

    I thought I saw Ben out partying last weekend @ Beyond off his tits....

  4. You heard Crackers this morning, too, Andrew?
    Mature rookie for the Tigers! Could work wonders for the boy ;)

  5. What cattle people are, complete suckers, told what to think, no resistance at all.
    They might wonder what someone's personal morality has to do with their ability in sport, or whatever, but it's more fun to feel outraged. I stopped going to football when it became showbiz on mid week TV. And I thought it odd that retired players with new careers as clowns could actually urinate on the studio floor in these dumb stupid shows and advertisers were delighted, but at the same time outraged when a current player got caught doing it in a lane behind a pub. What a sham. We're always being told these are enlightened times: the bad old days of Ma Grundy are over. But they're not, don't believe it, it's more oppressive than ever.

  6. I followed Richmond all my life, but chucked the whole thing once commerce got involved. If Cousins went to Richmond I'd be interested again.

  7. Anon, it would be no surprise to anyone if that is true. He is a very frail person I think.

    Yeah, heard Crackers Jayne. Also after I wrote the post, I read a piece in The Age sports section, kind of along the lines of what I wrote.

    So agree with you Robert. It is hypocrisy of the highest order. Btw, someone who lives at number 5, Hazeldon Place made a comment back here.

  8. Well that's a relief at first I thought you were talking about me...

    I can't believe that people keep having a go at Ben Cousins. I'm surprised there are any insults left that can be used against him. I guess it would be water off a duck's back by now, and I'm sick of hearing it as well. If he has done all this hard work to redeem himself he should at least be given a chance to prove it.

  9. Ben, it did occur to me that the subject line could cause you some minor alarm, but also knew that you would quickly get over it.

  10. Good heavens, what a shock, my old address! It gave me a fright, fair dinkum, I'd forgotten I ever mentioned it here.
    Andrew you might recall a recent comment of mine about having a feed in a cafe on the corner of Simmons and Chapel Streets with a woman and her baby. Later, wanting the usual peek at my humble beginnings we walked up to Hazeldon, and I noted no change at all in it's decades ugliness of tiny commercial premises of some sort. I'd be very surpised if anyone is living at number five but have replied to the comment all the same. Thanks very much for letting me know about it.

  11. Robert, that was also a surprise to me. I love these blog surprises and they happen often enough. I don't even know where your old street is precisely but I think I ought to visit it with a camera. It can't be far away from Dan's. Pants has shut her comments down. Anything to do with you?

  12. Hazeldon Place is an absurd little cul de sac, an unexpected gap on one side of Simmons Street. This sort of thing was done by Scrooge landowners to cram more houses into an area, an area of South Yarra known as 'the narrows' when I was a boy. The book 'Struggletown' (I forget the author) mentions this dodge when describing parts of Richmond. Anyway I'm sentimental about it all, they were harsh times, but in some way very sweet.
    I've no idea why Miz Panz did that. It's nothing to do with me. But you know women do cranky things for cranky reasons, reasons unintelligible to us blokes. True.

  13. I dream about it, that little street, for periods at a time, everything as it was.

    I'll go there, knock on the door, hoping to God I don't answer, ha ha ha!


  14. Anyway, my ashes will be scattered there. Quite a distinction. Something for Anon at number five to be proud of.

  15. I checked where it was on a map Robert. I have walked past the street many times. I am a bit confused though. Was where you lived considered the 'narrows', even though it is not in South Yarra?

  16. North of Malvern Road is 'South Yarra', even though we referred to it as Prahran, mainly I think because of nearby Prahran market; my address was 5 Hazeldon Place South Yarra.
    'The narrows' refers to the narrowness of the streets around there. Although there's been some widening gone on since, with bluestone lanes ripped up, etc. (Character assasination, ha ha. True.)

  17. A certain trendy little darling in the retro way of things who fancies herself as a playwrite should realise from this weekend's events that she cannot vanish my comments and expect me to remain a suitor. Okay? Because these boots are made for walking and that's what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gonna shine all over you.

  18. I used to think people knew better. And thus (ha ha) I would listen.
    -Oh my goodness, taking instruction from cafe tables in trendsville! All those Francophiles. Worshippers of polished floorboards, if you please. Yes, and believers in what dopey trendy old professors have said. Indeed, well you will never hear the truth spoken in a university. Geoff Blainey tried it and got torn apart.

  19. That area around Hazeldon Place -including Chapel Street, is about the ugliest I've seen anywhere in the world. It makes St Albans look like Toorak.

  20. Anonymous7:51 pm

    Why is R.H cluttering up the comments section? Flooding is not attractive.

    As for Ben Cousins, the man is a ponce and I wouldn't give two hoots if he buggered off to Peru for eight years. In fact, why doesn't he do that? It'll free up gossip space on the intertubes.

  21. Well blow me down but I've had a request for an earlier comment -related to this. Golly. Okay then, here it is:

    Lunch today at Cafe Sienna: Simmons Street and Chapel. The old pub on the next corner is closed, something going on at the rear. When I was a toddler around there it was called The Morning Star, and there've been other names since, all forgettable, it's never done much in its entire life. It ate my daddy, that's all it did, emptied his pockets and shrank his brain. Mind you, I said nothing of this, seated there with my companion, whose baby in a pusher had an oversized head. I ordered spaghetti marinara, $24.95. Eye Fillet was $34.00, and I thought to order it, just for a laugh, but there are limits to disrespect (for the dead). Later we joined the parade, and hey!- footpath extravaganza! Tattooed excellence! Oh Golly.
    My companion ploughed ahead, I admired her rebellion: the pusher bulldozed through, baby smiling all the way.

    (And that's it. And golly, what can I's marvellous!)

  22. A woman jumped off the Westgate bridge last Thursday, leaving her little red car up top. It was parked neatly, hand brake on and keys in the ignition, door not locked as she'd usually have done.

  23. Yeah well Reuben, I am known to flood with posts at times. It is probably confusing to you and anyone else because there are comments here by Robert and comments back on Prahran Pt 1 from someone who lives where Robert used to live in Prahran. Add to that, I have to approve comments on the old post, I scarcely know what I am doing.

    Robert may flood with comments, but they are always worth reading.

    I am not sure why Robert was nasty to you in what I will say is an unprovoked manner, or the business between him and Brian, but I won't have nastiness on my blog and any such comments will quickly disappear.

    Robert has never been nasty to me, and so he remains, with heavy moderation.

  24. Oh yeah Reuben, Ben Cousins. Hot guy, achiever but frail too. Some people do not cope with life well.

  25. Thank you Andrew. You are a gentleman -no joke, whose example has made me think twice about offending people.