Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pig in the Trough

I have seen it all before. A married guy decides he is gay at a late age and comes out with a vengeance and turns into a drug taking, sex pig, party animal. It shouldn't be a great revelation to him that he is gay, as he has been playing around with guys behind his wife's back for years.

Ok, our ABC's Peter Lloyd may not fit into this category, but on the face of it............

He was treated quite leniently by Singapore's justice system. He knew not to make a fuss and made sure no one else did either. He played the game well once he was caught. Lucky and perhaps smart man.

Am I being too harsh? I do concede that post traumatic stress could have led to some silly decisions.

As he is unavailable to work, our ABC has terminated his employment. This was way too premature. Obviously ABC thought it was a good corporate decision (I hate it when government institutions make good corporate decisions).

You, ABC, are disgraceful for publicly terminating him in such a way. If there was a request for a statement, you could have just said, we will consider our options when he is released.

Of course this is all complicated by whether he is staff or contract. I would guess staff, but we never know nowadays who is staff, stringer or contract at our ABC.


  1. Anonymous10:31 am

    Companies should be careful when doing that. Sometimes they jump the gun.

    Very interesting analogy too.

  2. There was really no need for the ABC to issue any statement TDW. No one seemed to be asking.


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