Thursday, December 04, 2008

Mayor Doyle

As you can see below I did start to write about our new City of Melbourne Mayor soon after the result was clear. Now I just conclude that because he wants to re-open Swanston Street and cannot because it is not the wish of his fellow councillors, and get rid of the marvellous new tram super stops, that actually improve traffic flow, he is simply a tosser.

Melbourne's new Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle wants to ban untalented buskers in the city. There are a couple, but they are like a bit needy types. Let it be Robert, let it be. I think they are already heavily controlled anyway and have to audition at least to get a permit.

He also wants to open Swanston Street to motor cars. This is very contentious and the knee jerk reaction is no, no, no.

But let us have a close look at Melbourne's premium street, Swanston Street.

At the moment, it probably works well for pedestrians, for aggressive taxi drivers, delivery vans and horses and carts.

It certainly does not work well for cyclists and our very important form of public transport, trams. Theoretically, cars should not be in Swanston Street until 7pm, but that is not policed. After 7pm, cars cause havoc to tram schedules, especially towards the end of the week.

As a through passage for traffic, I cannot see a sound argument. Traffic when reaching Flinders Street either turns left or right, and they don't seem to re-enter Swanston Street when they are allowed to.


  1. Rhetorical question.

    When did Robert the Doyley last take a ride on a tram? (Outside of photo opportunity electioneering that is.)

  2. Probably never. I have seen him a couple of times in Glenferrie Road when he was stepping out from his old electoral office. Ok, you need makeup for tv, but not for stepping out of the office.