Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Miss Trouble

I saw a book for kids in a department store called Little Miss Trouble. I reckon Little Jo will Little Miss Trouble, so for a couple of bucks, I grabbed it.

I showed it to Sister and she agreed with me. Little Jo is not getting it. Down the rubbish chute.

It is a horrible book. It teaches name calling, nastiness, revenge and violence.

Little Miss Trouble says bad things about people to others. People are hurt. Some take revenge. There is some violent revenge. It concludes with the words, 'A taste of your own medicine'.

Little Jo will learn about all the above matters in her life. I don't see why she needs to know about them now.


  1. Maybe it's because I'm simply not too bright, but I had some of the Little Miss and Mister Men books and I never got anything like that out of them, they were just fun and silly and colourful, then again I am a bit of a foul-mouthed, evil name calling cunt so maybe they weren't particularly innocent after all.

  2. My favourite was Roger Hargreaves' Mr Talentless Bastard...or was that his autobiography?

  3. Anonymous9:11 pm

    What was it doing in a (supposedly respectable) bookshop anyway?

  4. I suppose the book is intended to be a cautionary tale for children. Some childrens' stories (including famous 'fairy tales') are extraordinarily vicious.

  5. Indeed you are all those adjectives Kezza. Over my knee.

    Must be a local thing Brian? No idea? I may be an anglophile but I don't live there.

    Reuben, I think I said department store. It was Target.

    Victor, if cautionary, it was pretty blunt.

  6. It teaches name calling, nastiness, revenge and violence.

    Sounds like religious values

  7. Values picked up from the bible Ian.

  8. Just bought Feral Queen the Little Miss Scary book for a Chrissy stir.
    Which is a biography about her :P

  9. Just had the exact same experience with this book. I'm emailing the publisher. Horrified.

    1. Naomi, pleased that you are. Some years later now, I had forgotten about the book.

  10. Anonymous9:50 pm

    I emailed the publisher today! Copy of my email here, if anyone's interested: