Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Kiddie Bone Doctor

The Bone Doctor and went to a supermarket bottle shop, or offy or liquor store, whatever. She had a bottle of wine and I had half a dozen light beers. I said to her, I'll pay. As we plonked the goodies down on the counter and I was getting out money, the lad behind the counter said, ID please.

I looked at him blankly, not understanding why I would need ID. The Bone Doctor twigged and pulled out her driving licence. Although once eighteen you can buy alcohol, the store's policy is to ask anyone who looks under 25 for their ID.

I was somewhat gob smacked for a minute. The Bone Doctor is 32 and a surgeon or registrar or something at our major Melbourne hospital. How could she be asked for ID?

As we collected the paid for goodies, Bone Doctor said, thanks Uncle Andrew. I said back, bitch.

Of course she couldn't wait to get back to everyone and brag.

But later looking at her objectively, she could pass for under 25. Good to have a bit of a laugh on a sad day.


  1. "...the lad behind the counter said, ID please."

    Presumably he fancied her. Canny lad that one. He's going to go far.

  2. If he did Brian, he must be gay. She is very boyish. Mind you, I wish he was. He was hot!

  3. Anonymous9:09 pm

    So sorry to hear about your stepdad Andrew, but I'm glad something happened to make you smile. I haven't been asked for ID for years, sadly.

  4. Anonymous10:30 pm

    It's an annoying feature of teenagehood.

  5. I was shopping with my mum the other day and the sales assistant said, you must be shopping for uni!

    No, not for uni...

    Then she waits and goes...well you must be off on your overseas trip....

    Nope, already done that...

    She has one last go and says 'you must be starting work then!'

    Nope..been working for years.

    Mum thought it was funny. I'm 24 but never get asked for ID though!

  6. Sadly, I'm obviously chopped liver as I've never been asked for ID, even when I was sneaking into the Elsternwick Hotel at age 15 and I had a false ID ready...never asked, not once.

  7. I am sure you should be Jackie.

    Suppose it is Reuben. It was rare for anyone to question age when I was a teen.

    Does you good I reckon Jen.

    See comment to Reuben Jayne.

  8. Anonymous7:06 pm

    I was with a girl once who actually cracked the shits about being asked for ID, and she could've passed for 17. She was actually standing OUTSIDE the liquorland, so I guess she looked suss.

  9. Just something you deal with on a frequent basis TDW?

  10. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Not sure what you're suggesting there Andy.

  11. I meant generally producing ID is something young people have to do often.

  12. I suppose I COULD make a somewhat predictable comment here, but eh.

  13. Truly not required Andy.

  14. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Long time, no youth eh Andrew? :)

  15. I could not possibly confirm nor deny that Reuben.


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