Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Deep Lake

For those of you who don't venture to the west of the State of Victoria, it is quite rocky and much of the bluestone seen around Melbourne comes from the west. There are many lakes, both large and small. One I am familiar with is Deep Lake on the Hamilton Highway near Mount Elephant.

I have only been there once. It was well set up for recreation such as camping, fishing, boating and water skiing. Did I once hear that is maximum depth is eighteen metres? Maybe my visit was a decade or so ago.

A friend sent me clipping from one of his local newspapers. The clipping is a real estate ad for a house on the edge of Deep Lake. Very nice stone house and it sold for only $460,000. My friend said it might have sold for $50,000 more if there was water in the lake. But the lake is dry and has been for a few years now. Nearby Shallow Lake was closed to allow more water into Deep Lake, to no avail.

Ok, we have had a very extended period of below average rainfall. But we have had some of late. I can understand why the lake would be low, but empty? I would guess that many of the lakes in the area are very low or empty. Why is this? Can't be just that rainfall is low. We have had droughts before and no one in living memory can recall Deep Lake not having water.

Might it be to do with bores being drilled left, right and centre? Might it be that the Western District Squatocracy are using the water on their land with gay abandon? Might it be that they have extracted so much water with bores, the water table has lowered? Might it be that some water run offs to the lake have been diverted for private purposes?

Might it be illegal activity or just a continuance of a Kennett policy or even one of Bracks? As would be expected, it is a very safe conservative seat, so I can't understand why our Labor government would not act.

I should write to the state member for Polwarth and the federal member for Wannon. See what they have to say.

The good news is though, unrelated, thank god someone has come up with the idea of a tunnel to help alleviate traffic congestion in Hoddle Street and not god awfully ugly flyovers.

You know kiddies though, I kinda of learnt at a very young age, that if you take something away from underneath something, whatever is on top falls down. I think even Little Jo has developed this understanding already when she demolishes our tower of wooden blocks.

Can we keep tunnelling, well maybe because of the way tunnels are constructed, but can we keep taking out oil, gas, coal, minerals, water at the rate we are? Won't the house of cards fall down one day? (Said in a deep voice with the echo button pressed) Journey to the Centre of the Earth.


  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    "Can we keep tunnelling, well maybe because of the way tunnels are constructed, but can we keep taking out oil, gas, coal, minerals, water at the rate we are? Won't the house of cards fall down one day?"

    I thought the house of cards had already started to crumble...will get even worse in the next few years. I feel a depression coming on.

  2. "...we have had a very extended period of below average rainfall."

    It's called summer Andrew. I'd have thought the people in water management would have had enough time to realise this by now.

  3. Of course we can keep tunnelling, where the hell are we going to put all the mutant freaks when they come along without a network of underground tunnels for them to inhabit? You know, the ones created as a result of our current reliance on oil and coal.

    It makes a lot of sense to me,

  4. Anonymous10:02 am

    Maybe the earth is so dry from lack of rain in the past that it soaked it all up before it had a chance to retain on the surface.

    Maybe they are stuffing underneath the surface with trash to keep it propped up.

  5. I want to know where they're going to put all the dirt and bits they remove for the tunnels...will we suddenly be blessed with a new mountain on which to grow clouds and rain making trees or will they fill in a few dry river beds and lakes...?

  6. Anonymous12:17 pm

    You and your tunnels, Andrew. Perhaps, instead of buliding out or up, we should be building new housing down. That would also save space previous occupied by unnecessary gardens.

  7. Back at Easter time when we called through the town of Dimboola I remember speaking to the local constabulary about the fact that there is ZERO water in their once overflowing river.He said up until 4 years ago there was water in there and then one morning the town woke up to find nothing in there. Pity, he said, because it is home to the first ever rowing club in Victoria, perhaps Australia? You can see the rowing club rooms and also the platform from whitch they launched the boats from...suspended in the air.
    I think perhaps the water was used to irrigate the olive trees and what-not in The Little Desert.

  8. Someone should do something Anon. Isn't that what we say while we wring our hands?

    Very close to the truth Brian.

    Out on a limb there Kezza. Mutants. Perhaps they may be a refuge from our poisoned atmosphere for us all.

    Very dry TDW, because no water is being allowed to accumulate below ground.

    Filling in the Feral Beast's back yard diggings Jayne.

    Actually Reuben, I don't want any solution to Hoddle Street traffic. It is presently limiting how much traffic can use it. Pity about the 246 bus stuck in it.

    I have heard other similar anecdotes Cazzie. It is a shame and it is widespread. I couldn't believe how high the wharf is at Echuca and how low the water was in the Murray.

  9. Quite off topic, but OTOH quite seasonal.

    Seasons greetings, 'Don't call me Highriser', me ole china.

    As the Dickensian gay Ebenezer Scrooge might have said. "Ba-Bum-Hug."

    Have a good 'un.

    We look forward to another year of eclectic, interesting and amusing posts ... otherwise there will be questions asked in the House.

  10. Eclectic is a flattering word LS. Focused and accurate I ain't. I thanks thee.


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