Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Party

While many of you might think of dykes as being big chicks who would be handy to have around if you need to change a tyre, they are not all like that. Our dyke friends' would have to ask me how to change a tyre.

There could well be a misconception that they would not know how to host a good party. Believe me, they do.

I hate parties really, but the one last night was tolerable. It was highly planned, the food at regular intervals. The games. The prize giving. It was never boring. Fortunately a guest brought along an Ipod full of good party music to stick into a cradle.

Last year at the same party, NT ex pollie/copper wowed them in the aisles when he turned up as Santa. This year, the late Dame M's boarder wowed them by turning up in full drag. Windsor Shoes supplied the patent leather black thigh high boots. The rest created by Jasmine herself.

Two years ago the late Dame M deigned to appear at the dykes inaugural christmas party. I expect The Boarder made her headpiece. Both he and Dame M were very talented at anything like that. Dame M was mentioned more than once last night by various people. It was surprising that she went out in daylight. Normally she did not.

Not that we will be having any parties in the future, but I sure now know how to organise one.

This was somewhat of a contrast the barbecue we went to this afternoon. The food was fine and the company too, but it just lacked something and I couldn't wait to leave. Maybe it was because it was so hot, even though we were under shelter. Maybe it was because I wasn't in the mood for socialising lubricant, which would have just made me feel the heat more. Maybe it was because I went to work late this morning when it was my day off and I had made an error. Shut up you two pricks.


  1. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Sounds like you needed that lovely party atmosphere that goes hand in hand with wet, cold and windy weather, a nice glass of red and a lovely plate of Hungarian Beef Goulash.

  2. You would seem to have worked me out Reuben. Funnily, we were just talking about goulash the other night. I have never had it.

  3. I've turned up to work once or twice due to oversight. What sucks is turning up being the last sign on - you're already not planning stuff because of work, it's too late to do stuff, and there's nobody else's work to cover. Nothing to do but go home with tail between the legs to a dvd and a drink.

  4. Got it one Rob. I was mentally prepared to go to work but not to a barbecue.

  5. Anonymous11:44 pm

    I've had it once. And I want to have it again...though I can't find a restaurant that serves it. Perhaps we should go to one that does for a blogger meet-up we've roughly proposed...if that.

  6. There is a well known one in Glenhuntly Road, Elsternwick who serves it, but that is a good way away from you, although I am sure you are familiar with the the road.

  7. I notice even the bottle of wine was colour coordinated. Now, that's a well organised party.

  8. Dame M with a bottle of PINK in front of her, her head dress looks so fine, it is a nice picture Andrew. I think, perhaps, you missed her conversation last night?
    It was a warm one last night, not my favourite weather for socialising either.

  9. Meant in the nicest possible way Andy.

    I did notice that too Victor, as I was posting the photo. Co-incidence I think.

    She was a hard case Cazzie, but very entertaining. Yes, we do all miss her.

  10. Anonymous9:33 am

    I miss hearing Dame M stories now that she's no longer around. If you ever wish to reminisce, Andrew, I'm sure you'd find a very eager audience here.

  11. I perhaps do have some up my sleeve MD. Noted.


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