Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Another One Down

Today's politicians are quite different to yesteryears. In most ways they were the same, but in some ways they were quite different. So I lament the passing of a neighbour, Frank Crean.

I used to see him on a tram in St Kilda Road often and exchanged greetings with him once or twice. Gentleman is a word not favoured in today's times, but he truly was.


  1. That was a different era for politicans when Government and Opposition members would share a beer at the end of the week's exertions.

    Listening to Question Time nowadays is a sickening experience in childish point scoring with the Country's interests nowhere to be seen nor heard.

  2. Mum and Dad knew him personally for many years and always said the same thing - he was a true gentleman (and that his son didn't have a patch on him).
    Dad was sad to hear of his death last night.

  3. Victor, do you think the televising of Parliament is part of the cause?

    I have not seen Mr Crean for ages Jayne, so I suspected he was not too long for the world. He used to shop at Prahran Market.

  4. Both the late Frank and the late Jim Cairns (though seemingly poles apart) both fit the term 'gentleman'.

    Both gentle men.

  5. I liked Crean better. He always looked smarter than Cairns. Nothing like an old dude in a three piece with pinstripes.


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