Thursday, December 04, 2008

And the winner is.......

Andy wins the prize for a new logo for the merged BA and Qantas. Not only was his the best entry, it was the only one. So much for cartoonists who read my blog. Must admit, Andy's logo is pretty funny. The new airline Bantas will need to contact Andy if they wish to use it.

Now the prize.......ah, not much around the highrise to give away. Perhaps I can do for Andy what he is always nagging his girlfriend for. Give it a good scrub first pls.


  1. Why would my teapot need a good scrub?

  2. Good scrub? teapot? A flying kangaroo 'depositing' the union jack?

    It's all too much for me, I think I need a good lie down, when you're done scrubbing that teapot Andy I think I could use a cuppa.

  3. Well, I can guess where it may have been.

    Face up is the best way to lie down around here Kezza.

  4. Jayne, kind of like that the 'roo is dominant.