Thursday, November 06, 2008

Transport Tenders

Advertisements on TV, letters to the newspapers, extra cleaning staff employed, staff transferred to more visible helping roles, caring for the environment signs erected, ticketing machines receiving extra mantainance. There must be a tender or two in the air, and of course there is. Both Connex Trains and Yarra Trams are tendering for contracts to run our trains and trams for the next fifteen years, but there is some stiff competition.

Of course they can't help a debacle like today, when many once a year train travellers, some influential types, catch trains to the Oaks Day horse racing and were massively inconvenienced by an overhead wiring failure resulting in no trains to get home.

The 'Erald Sun has the story here. Get a cab, was one suggestion from the Connex spokeswoman in her advice to her company's customers. Someone should slap the cow. You are on your own is what she should have said.

Naturally, I happy for Connex to wear all the blame, but if I was being fair, the State Government is equally if not more so to blame.

When I think of the resources for public transport that are thrown at the Grand Pricks motor car race, as against, taking it for granted that the trains will just work on racing utter disgrace.

Bring back the good old days when the worst thing that happened to the trains was a wait in the railway yards for a vacant platform at Flinders Street.

Connex disgrace.

Later update: Connex has accepted full responsibility for the incident. Well who else's fault might it be?


  1. I just find it hilarious that all those (bl)Oaks day molls would have been trashed, carrying their shoes and fuming about not getting home. Classy!

  2. Anonymous9:33 am

    Yes was good to see slappers dressed to the nines in their
    K-mart best, pissed and shoes in hand staggering on their not so merrily way back into the city.
    Good one Melbourne.

  3. Poor old Lynne Kosky isn't available for comment today...awwwwwwwwww.
    People stuck on the train pressed the "Emergency" button which was finally answered 25 mins later!
    Same thing happened this time last year - signal failure resulted in gazillions of people stuck on platforms/trains, waiting for a taxi, etc.

  4. Given that the same thing happened last year, how much of a no brainer would it be to have buses standing by as a contingency plan? Sure, buses dealing with peak hour traffic would not be anywhere as efficient as trains, but at least the punters would see that something was being done, and the crowds would eventually be cleared.

  5. Anonymous11:19 am

    I'll ignore Anonymous' idiotic sexism, and focus on the task at hand: Killing Kosky.

    Now, I think the entire department needs an overhaul - to rid the dungeons occupied by the myopic Thatcherite bureaucrats and their inherently fatuous economic ideology.

  6. Kezza and Anon, empathy, empathy.

    Well,what can she say but mea culpa Jayne, but it doesn't look great when she won't make herself available.

    Expensive proposal Altissima, but it would seem a necessary one, given past performance. Problem is though, it is evening peak and most drivers and buses would be occupied.

    If you listen to the detail of what actually went wrong Reuben, is sounds like an expanding comedy of errors.

  7. What you really mean Shirl is "If you listen to the detail of what actually went wrong Reuben, is sounds like an expanding Kosky of horrors."

    I was travelling from Southern Cross to Pascoe Vale (Craigieburn line) around 2 p.m. on Oaks day, and even before the full blown Kosky Konnex Komedy of Errors the service was fractured.

    Robbing a depleted Peter to pay an overstretched Paul according to the helpful, frustrated and apologetic bloke at Southern X.

  8. I've heard various rumours that a certain Southern depot actually got a good cleaning recently. Windows and all. First time I've heard of anything as spiffy as that going on!

  9. Ok Sedgers. It is not like running trains for the cup is something new is it.

    Window clean Rob? Somehow I don't think it is the little things that matter when a decision is made.

  10. They must have known how long it was going to be before things were fixed so why no buses or even someone to tell people to walk the line back to Melbourne?

  11. Looks like a total freak occurrence to me. It was good to see Connex give free travel today.

  12. Without defending Connex, I think it really was just one thing after another Jahteh. Communication to staff and then onto passengers was very poor, as per usual and it something that really needs to be addressed, but you should see inside a train control centre when something like this happens. It would be well organised chaos with adrenalin flowing and everyone focused on the prime task of getting the system moving again, working out replacement services, getting staff moved around. The logistics are huge and I don't think communication is the first thing on their mind and it would not be just one person sorting things, so to communicate accurately, someone needs to gather bits and pieces of info and get them into a meaningful message to get across to staff, via various pa systems, phones, mobiles, two way radios on more than one channel etc etc. Better for it to not happen in the first place.

    Maybe Ben. Odd though, problem on Derby Day too, problem for last Flemington race meetings. Is the Flemington spur cursed or neglected?

  13. Oh, and wait for Connex to be blamed for a lower attendance for today's, Saturday meeting.

  14. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Oh, and wait for Connex to be blamed for a lower attendance for today's, Saturday meeting.

    Ooohh goody...I should bring popcorn.