Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sick Doctor

Geez, I have already had one doctor die on me. My current doctor looked so thin in the face last week, I am worried about his health. I thought I was safe by choosing one younger than myself this time. My last doctor was only my age and he operated at Middle Park Clinic, a place where all the happy chappies went and sat with the middle class Mums of Middle Park, along with their offspring.

Although I liked him very much and he was a good doctor, his time keeping was not great and I hated the snooty reception staff.

My present doctor is quite hot, keeps good time and of course though, the reception staff are still snooty but I deal with such matters better now. That is, I don't care and I know how little they earn.

But Doctor has added one more script to my medication list. I am clearly falling apart and only being kept alive by chemicals. Just one more prescription and I will reach the drug safety net.

Most of my ills, I have my genes to thank. Ta Mum, ta Dad.


  1. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Do you do much exercise, Andrew?

    Snooty reception staff? I've never really encountered any; they don't tend exist north of the Yarra (except in posh Eaglemont, no doubt).

  2. Some reception staff try to appear above their station(and salary) in Life but fail miserably, leaving themselves seen as right old cows with a pineapple shoved up their backsides ;)

  3. I walk a lot Reuben, swim occasionally. Yes, I am sure they are nicer across the river.

    Beautifully descriptive Jayne.

  4. Anonymous3:24 pm

    It's strange...I thought you were 'scared' of other suburbs of Melbourne Andrew. Anyway, I take it you go to a private clinic (ie not bulk-billed)?

  5. "his time keeping was not great" - I think it is in the Doctors' mission statement; "keep em waiting".

    I first reached the safety net in 2004, the year I picked up whooping cough and spent months taking a chemist's shop quantity of drugs.

    I've reached the net each subsequent year around about September/October thus showing my age and that I have joined the seniors prescription club.

  6. I just love the fact that here in Melbourne you have a choice of doctors, most of whom you can get in to see same-day if required. Try living in the country where you only have one doc to pick from and often he'll be booked weeks in advance so throwing a sickie means travelling a few towns over to wait in emergency for a sick certificate. Not much fun!

  7. Your doctor may be sick but Nicola Roxon is sicker

    What a sad and disappointing decision!

    One step forward and twelvety-ten back.

  8. Any trepidation by me in other suburbs Reuben, is just unfamiliarity. I like the less attitude aspect of across the river.

    Mine present is exceptionally good at time management. Longest I have waited was five minutes and I got an apology. Other doctors in the same practice keep them waiting. And isn't middle age a marvellous thing.

    Was never a problem when I grew up in the country Kezza. Obviously the country is not attractive to doctors now.

    And ain't that going to end in tears Tezza. I am probably more annoyed that Gillard's boi got a gig.

  9. Yeah the problem with reception staff is that they run the clinic and know it, usually the patients make that difficult for them hence the attitude. The same thing happens in my workplace with certain women.

    Then there is the situation where the doctor gets a new girlfriend and gives her a job in reception at the clinic. This happened at my last doctor. Eventually all the other reception staff disappeared, and she was left running the shop.

  10. I expect doctor's clinics are very political places Ben. Extra so gay clinics.

  11. Anonymous2:02 am

    Also, I feel the need to correct your statement of "ta mum, ta dad". Your parents might not be responsible for a genetic condition; it could be a somatic mutation responsible for a condition that wasn't inherited - but rather developed as a result of a mutagen in the environment.

    Sorry...Biology student's pet peeve.

  12. Given they suffer/suffered from exactly the same complaints, surely it is a given.