Thursday, November 27, 2008

Out and about in St Kilda #12

You may remember this site at the corner of Brighton Road, Carlisle Street and Blessington Street as a service station and it certainly was. It was up for sale and yes, apartments were proposed.

As well as selling petrol, it also had a souvlaki bar and if it did not stay open all night, it certainly kept late hours. Who might its customers be? Well, probably not the residents of houses in Blessington Street, although there are some flats nearby that may have given it some customers.

More likely the street girls who work nearby, their customers, or potential customers, people leaving the nearby Greyhound Hotel, people from Abode, across the other side of the street, general late hour people and smackheads with the munchies.

The souvlaki bar must have been very successful, so when it was decided to turn the site into a do it yourself car wash, a new souvlaki bar was built, closest the camera.

The carwash has since opened as has the souvlaki bar and the bar seems to be doing ok. I have since tried the carwash and it was a pleasure to use and not as expensive as my usual in North Melbourne. I am amazed how many wash bays they managed to fit on the site.

Can't say it does much for the visual appearance of the area, but neither did the service station.


  1. Anonymous8:54 pm

    According to my Elwood mates, that's where you can buy cocaine; just ask for a 'kebab' and you'll get 'more than you bargained for'.

  2. I thought that myself Reuben, but it is too easy and too obvious, unless cops are ignoring, being paid or have some reason to ignore it.

  3. "Evolution". Is there an alternative business across the road called "Intelligent Design".

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  5. Anonymous1:50 am


    Carlisle St/Brighton Rd used to be my tram stop until I wised up and fled St Kilda.

    (And I have more than enough stories about the Greyhound!)

    Cheers, Walker

  6. I'm glad you posted this andrew. I'm pleased to know there's a carwash closeish to Southbank - much more convenient than trecking across to Altona. I don't spend much time in St Kilda, apart form the Veg Out Market at the Peanut Farm, so it would have taken me a while to stumble upon this by chance. It's surprisingly difficult to search for do-it-yourself carwash locations using the internet (as distinct from the drive through variety) - i didn't realise there was one in Nth Melb.

  7. Home made souvlaki is much better; you know what's been put in and what's been left out, like a nasty dose of gastro or the odd packet of white powder....

  8. Robert, the car wash is called Evolution. I think the car wash is intelligent design and certainly did not evolve.

    Not my favourite part of town either Walker. The mind boggles at your Greyhound stories.

    Altissima, Spencer Street, Nth Melb, between Hawke and Roden Sts would be closer for you. I have made the trip across the bridge a few times to Kororoit Creek Road. But now that there is a very large hardware store in Port Melbourne, not as necessary. Is there a closer one than that in the west?

    Jayne, wouldn't be a stalker you have a good souvlaki recipe for?

  9. I had the same problem when finding one Altissima. Just happened across the ones I know.

  10. I've deleted it. Unfortunately I'd followed the link and copped that schoolboy gag about a spag monster. How utterly boring.

  11. Anyway he's a nice chap.

  12. Who is a nice chap Robert? Sedgwick? He is kinda nice. But you older chaps seem to carry big bricks on your shoulders.