Thursday, November 06, 2008


First for me. I have never listened to a politician's speech with tears in my eyes. How odd!

I fruitlessly searched for an interesting pic of Obama. He seems to have never taken his shirt off in public, although there does seem to be a faked pic of him around. I am not keen on goody two shoes types, especially those who lead us, so here is a picture to illustrate he is not perfect and open to a vice or two. Mind you, this pic could be faked too.


  1. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Looks like a fake. He doesn't smoke, and yet the image of him is as he is now: older.

  2. He smoked up until early this year Reuben.

  3. Andrew, it was the same for me. What an amazing day this is for us.

  4. Anonymous3:10 pm

    You must have insider knowledge, Andrew.

  5. I had tears too Andrew. And today I can't stop listening to

    PS Here are some"interesting pics" that appear to be authentic.

    ...sorry, I was distracted there for a minute!

  6. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Actually you'd be pretty happy to know in that case that not only did only just quit smoking but he experimented a bit with drugs back in his college days (not Harvard, his undergrad days). I read his first book, he wrote it over 10 years ago before he was even planning on becoming a Senator. And not just pot like every other politician has smoked, real drugs.

  7. I thought Obama and McCain both gave excellent speeches on the night, putting Australian politicians to shame.

  8. "I have never listened to a politician's speech with tears in my eyes."

    I have. The last speech made by David Cameron had me choking with laughter.

    As for Obama...a millionaire socialist? An oxymoron surely? Ignore the colour, feel the width. A politician by any other name would smell.

  9. Further to my comment above, Kevin Rudd's 'sorry speech' to Parliament is a notable exception to the lamentable standard of Australian politician speeches.

  10. Haven't heard/read Obama's speech yet but I was impressed with McCain's speech conceding defeat.
    Being gracious and humble in both defeat and victory is simply good manners.

  11. I read it on the internet Reuben, so it must be true.

    Great work Altissima. One of the photos was one I had come across. I really thought he might have been a bit leaner, but as the article said, For his age......How I hate that.

    Both were good Victor, and I would not have expected less, except Obama sounds like an old style orator. Re Rudd, yes it was good......but how quickly forgotten.

    You could hardly call US Dems socialists Brian. As I prefaced a previous post, in the morning I will wake up and a rich man will have been elected, either one, does not matter.

    Well worth your while sitting down and listening to it Jayne. Just listening is better than seeing him as well, I reckon.

  12. And Daisy, suddenly the US of A is no longer despised around the world. Clearly it was Bush and those who voted for him.

  13. What TDW? He inhaled? Wow!

  14. Anonymous12:47 pm

    He snorted.

  15. Yes TDW, I just read Thursday paper today.